AudioTheme Merchato : Responsive Music Band WordPress Theme

Introducing Merchato : WordPress music theme inspired by mosaic design to create an engaging and media rich website. It is special gift to musicians and band who needs a professional website to make connection with fans and clients. It has static frontpage that shows lots of featured elements or you can choose homepage to show latest post to share music related news.

Merchato - Music and Band WordPress Theme by AudioTheme _ ThemeForest

Most of the singers and artists use this WordPress theme to sell gigs, promote new albums and share details of their music concerts. Whether you want to sell online gigs, start a blog or promote music related services, this is one theme for all the requirements.

Overview At Homepage : Merchato AudioTheme

Featured Content : The homepage defines best example of a unique music website that would show everything in unique style. The homepage demo shows how it can promote different elements in featured sections. You will have customizer options panel to add new featured elements like Shop, News, Videos, Shows or other entries.

No music studio or singer can have similar requirements, that’s why Merchato WordPress theme has been developed with customizable and dynamic homepage where you can show what you want with desired style.

Featured Content - Merchato

Custom Header : The media-rich header is going to leave your visitors speechless with it’s stunning content showcase style. If you want to use media items for header (like demo), then you can select a custom video or an image as featured element. This is good place to promote your recent music album or concert ticket by adding custom content.

Header Content box will give you fields to add title, and custom text to insert call to action button or whatever yo want. The header elements are easily managed with real-time mode using visual customizer. Apart from featured area, you will be able to insert any logo, custom menu and social media links with custom navigation system.

Custom Header - Merchato Audio Theme

AudioTheme : Best Music Theme Features

Gigs Listing : Show all your upcoming and past gigs list in one listing page so that fans can find out where are you performing in future. The listing page will display all entries in column structure that shows date, location, title, ticker link and Info button to open full single listing page. Touring band groups and musicians can take good benefit of gigs listing feature to promote their business.

Audiotheme has custom listing fields so that singers can share all details with each single gig listing : e.g. Dates, times, venues, ticket purchase link etc.

Gigs Venues - Merchato AudioTheme

Discography : Merchato is a best music theme because it has built-in package that gives you all music related feature. And one of them is discography option that provides custom archive listing page for all content types. Create your own discography using liner notes by adding custom details. Just show album art with selected track-lists , audio player, lyrics and purchase links so that visitors / fans can buy album.

Discography Album - Merchato AudioTheme

Music Record : The records listing option will create an easy dashboard where you can choose and add multiple or single records in one package. Records can include singles, album or collection of singles. The listing section (editor) will show you custom records fields so you can add Release year, Artist, Genre, and Links.

Audio Player : The site-wide music player are powered by Cue and CueBar plugins. These plugins offer flexibility to easily create custom play-lists to play them lie on site wide player. It will keep playing selected music tracks in background constantly even when you navigate between different pages. This will create uninterrupted music streaming experience on your entertainment business website.

Site Wide music player - Merchato

Merchato AudioTheme : Media and Other Options

Video Library : Collect all your concert or music videos using a nice library that will surely promote your band or music group as a brand. It will boost your traffic and bring extra leads by showing your live performance in action. Just upload all your videos in YouTube or Self hosted server then embed them in single video listing page.

Same way, you can also create photos listing page to display album posters, party photos. The media listing pages will work as an attraction magnet to bring more fans in your list.

Videos - Merchato AudioTheme

AudioTheme Widgets : The footer, sidebar and other widget enabled areas are really helpful to promote contents within website. They can promote images, banners, email sign-up forms, albums, gigs, and latest posts. Most of these widgets provide options so you can decide how they display.

You can find default WordPress widgets and get access to more widgets by installing recommended plugins. Footer has 3 columns grid that is visible below all pages which is idea place to share important details like social links, contacts, custom menu etc.

Responsive Design : AudioTheme always publish responsive music WP themes for new age people. If you choose mobile or tablet or laptop then you will have equal experience while viewing demo. This music WordPress theme has been crafted with mobile ready navigation system and resizable layout so that user can view menu bar, header, listing pages, videos and everything in small or any view port size.

Responsive Theme - Merchato Band Theme

This WordPress theme developer offers all custom styling and content customization features in customizer panel powered by WordPress. So, you will be using visual live customizer that shows ready options while reflecting changes instantly in preview window. This is best responsive band music theme for WordPress.

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