Adrianna Bluchic Demo : Shopify WordPress eCommerce Theme

Adrianna is a modern Shopify eCommerce WordPress theme that meets all WordPress stores need. It is another best eCommerce template from Bluchic who is famous to publish top quality feminine themes. If you have been looking to buy a best eCommerce theme for your online portal then here is best product. This WordPress theme covers all modern eCommerce shop features that is required for product listing, showcase and cart functionality.

Adriana Bluchic - Feminine Shopify eCommerce Theme

If you have never started online shop before and looking for flexible solution then WordPress and Adriana can be good decision. This WordPress theme includes flexible options so that you can easily setup your own shop.

Bluchic Tiffany : eCommerce Theme

Who Can Go For Adrianna Shopify WordPress Theme ?

Every lady business entrepreneur or girl bosses can choose this theme to create product selling store. Whether you sell digital goods (ebooks, photos) or physical items (crafts, cloths, jewellery), it is developed for multi-purpose shops. So chic bloggers and womens can start selling fashion products, recipes, books, custom services, designs and all other stuff from online portal.

The theme is integrated with Shopify which is best WordPress eCommerce software. Therefore, you are going to find product listing post type, shop page feature, custom widgets, sort/filter options, layouts, check-out page, cart page and more. There is no need to hire a programmer to create or maintain store products. You can just develop your shop by following Adrianna theme documentation.

Adrianna - Responsive eCommerce Theme

More Benefits : We have just discussed eCommerce features for quick idea. But you are going to find much more than those features. For e.g. yo will find blog template, Newsletter options (MailChimp integration), Custom header/logo support, Custom logo etc. If you are a creative person who loves to show interesting elements then you can add Social media icons, Instagram feed (footer), and more.

In-short, any macho man or creative women can use this WordPress eCommerce theme to create online shop. The good thing is that it just needs small one time budget and then you can get several benefits like Unlimited updates and product support.

Adrianna Header

Homepage Details : Adrianna Shopify Theme

Bluchic has covered every possibility to create an all rounder WordPress shop theme. If you check front-page demo then it welcomes you with a stunning homepage that includes slider, featured sections, intro sections and more. Same way, if you look over header area then it highlights custom header with several elements. For e.g. unique logo/text, custom menu links, cart link, search widget, and custom links (log-in/Sign up).

The very top area shows a “Notification Bar” which is visible for all areas. This section is optional and you can utilize it to spread message about store offers or custom notifications. For e.g. you can add message about free shipping, new stock arrival, special offers etc. Site wide visibility makes this section very important for site-wide promotion or to share important announcement.

Slider and Left Side Panel : Adrianna WordPress theme starts with a sleek and beautiful slider that shows selected products. You can choose any shop items, blog posts or other stuff to be featured on slider. Therefore, visitors can see what’s new about your online shop and they can access those pages or posts directly from slideshow.

If you check the left area of slider then it will show you a list of shop categories. This section is provided with a goal to provide you easy navigation on top shop categories. You can configured/edit this section to display selected links so visitors can directly land on their favourite product category page.

Slider and Sidebar Links - Adrianna Shopify theme

Welcome Area : The text box that yo see below slider is welcome part of homepage area. This section is good place to help you share message, introduction or goal of your business. You can add your speciality, benefits or advantage of your shops and win visitor’s heart at the very first visit.

This is simply a text section where you can add custom title, paragraph and custom link to diver user on particular link. For e.g. you can say, we have best offers for women cloths and add link that takes to shop or women category page.

Welcome Home Section - Adrianna

Other Top Features : Bluchic Adriana

Recent Products : It’s not good idea to show all shop products on homepage area as it may create confusion. That’s why developers decided to provide special section to help you display “Recent Items”. Hence, any one coming to homepage area should be able to view couple of latest product entries. This section shows 4 items with featured thumbnail, item name and price.

Recent Products - Adrianna

Collections Area : Adrianna homepage provides a blurb section which is known as Collections area. This featured section comes with 3 columns space so that you can add links for best shop categories and other important pages. For e.g. you can add top popular or widely visited category links for easy navigation. Or you can also add links for Shop, Offers, Blog, or other pages.

Featured Collections - Adrianna Frontpage

Shop/Product Page : If you check-out single page and product listing posts then you will see many other features. The shop page provides sidebar panel to add tags, categories and other custom links or widgets. On the other hand, shop page has sort options to check products by date, price range, best selling items or Alphabetic order (A-Z or Z-A). Visitors will find layout options to switch between Grid and List view layout style.

Adrianna Shop Page - Filter and Layout Options

The single product post shows all details that is required to create appealing listing. So shop owners can add single/multiple images, price, product details and more. Visitors will see all product details with Quantity selector and Add to cart button. This is a general idea about how regular listing would look. You can add more features with listing as per your product type and shop requirements.

eCommerce Product Listing Post - Adrianna

Adrianna Conclusions :

Bluchic Adriana is considered as a highly advanced Shopify WP theme in WordPress market. Because it has responsive design, breadcrumb feature, SEO optimized design, widgets, easy customization options and more. Any any type of user should be able to use this theme to sell items.

The theme has styling and layout options so you can choose color skin, logo, font style, custom font size and background style as per branding need. I just recommend all products and goods sellers to use this Shopify eCommerce theme to create a professional store.

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