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Today we are going to teach you on how to create eye-catching lead magnets with canva using Bluchic templates. With just a little investment, you can not only get tons of subscribers but also boost sales, and marketing leads. We have seen marketers with only writing and promotional skills. But they often fail when it comes to design templates for social campaigns.

Canva Lead Magnet Templates Review - Bluchic Shop

Bluchic Canva Lead magnet Templates Bundle brings a perfect solution to help you all the way to marketing, product launch and list buildings. Woman entrepreneurs and mom bloggers can buy this templates bundle and get started with their business or service promotion.

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Benefits Of Bluchic Canva Lead Magnet Bundle ?

You can save lots of time when it comes to create stylish lead magnets. The pre-defined templates provide all the help to grow your email subscribers who are really interested in your products or services. Without this bundle, you might you might struggle to create on your own.

Even if you hire some designer or buy them from other market place, then it would still not deliver all the benefits like given by Bluchic. Not all the marketers have skill, time and full budget to design attractive lead magnets. And we strongly believe that it should not stop you from increasing sign-ups to grow your list. That’s why we decided to review this Bluchic canva template bundle.

Canva Lead Magnet Templates Review - Bluchic Shop

Who Can Try It ? : These canva templates are suitable for business owners who seriously need uniquely designed magnets. It’s all possible without spending budget to hire designer or fancy design software. Professional marketers can put the task of creating lead magnet on the top of the task list while delivering some unique experience to the readers so they love what they see.

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Benefitgs Of Canva Lead Magnet Templates :

What You’ll Get : This BluChic Canva product has 50 unique templates for 5 types of lead magnets for Roadmap, Workbook, Checklist, Gift Guide, Resources. Hence, there is no limit to the freebies you can create with these customizable templates. The templates help create cover page, about page, table of contents page, call to action page and more.

What You’ll Need : Canva Lead Magnet templates are customizable with Canva which is an online platform to edit graphics. You can easily get free Canva account and customize banners, templates and all imagery with built-in image editing options. The tutorials provide basic knowledge on how to use Canva.

Canva Resources Templates

Marketers and business agencies can use their own brand images, color styles, and contents for lead magnets. When you choose your own branding colors and typography then it’s not only going to get email subscribers but also impress audiences. These template are used on website, social media marketing and banner promotion too.

License : Regular license allows you to use canva templates for personal use. But, if you want to use Lead magnets for clients then you must purchase commercial license. You are not allowed to sell these templates, nor you can get refund because this is digital product.

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