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Introducing Saved : A gorgeous and truly appealing WordPress theme for churches and religious organizations. The purpose of this church template was to enable you to display all events, sermons, blog news and contacts in nice way. Forget those old website design which just allows you to display one slider and a couple of featured sections.

Saved - ChurchThemes - WordPress Theme for Churches

This theme gives you unlimited possibilities with widget ready homepage where you are getting plenty of space to speak your words. Whether it is new event, sermon or POD cast, you will have lots of space on homepage to share all the stuff.

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Widgetized Homepage : Saved WordPress Theme

Flexible Design : Most of the part in this church theme is manageable with WordPress customizer. So you will have no more pain while changing background style, fonts, color style, or whatever appears in your way. Just load customizer to make changes in logo, header, navigation menu, footer widgets and every part.

Let’s forget it all and talk first on homepage which is going to be main place for all churches. The long homepage is capable to accommodating as many widget based sections as you will require. The best part about is that you will get church specific widgets in Saved theme. Therefore, you will need minimum time to create an engaging and fully featured homepage layout.

Homepage Widgets - Saved Church Theme

Just check the demo which shows all sections with unique background, font style, and multiple columns. Some sections use full-width style to display introduction and calls to action. There are sections which shows multiple post entries like blog posts, sermons, events, and more. What we loved about widget is styling options. You could just add any type of background like plain, featured image, solid color etc.

The first widget will have option to use Video background, image or color when you choose any widget to be featured on the top. The Church Themes content widgets list includes variety of options, below are some of the best widgets.

1) Locations : Display map and details for your church using “Location” button
2) Sermons : Highlight most recent sermon with thumbnail and archive button
3) Giving : Accept donation from church members using custom “Giving” button.

Apart from that, you will see widgets to display recent photo gallery, church profiles, calls to action section and more.

Other Benefits : Church WP Theme

Floating Menu : The floating header style shows how Saved WordPress theme is serious about navigation system. Once user starts scrolling on website then he will see header and menu following all the way to top and bottom. The left header shows logo, middle section is for menu bar and right section for search and social links.

Church Theme Content plugin : This single plugin provides you access to custom post type for all church related contents. So, administrator will be using custom posts to add contents for events, sermons and other sections. You can also use multiple grid layout and custom header style for all the custom archive sections.

Sermons Page - Saved

Sermons : Churches can publish sermons in different styles using Video, Text and Audio contents. Sermons editor screen will show you a media section bottom area to help you embed Video (embed code from Youtube, Vimeo), Audio file and attached a PDF link. You can classify sermons in series, topic, speaker and book wise.

Events : This module will help you to share events in calendar view or a simple list view style. Visitors can access events using categories so they can locate exact event they are interested in. You can also assign recurring option for any event for weekly, monthly or yearly options. The events listing page consist of Date and Time option where you can specify event start date, end date, start time, end time, and Recurrence option.

There are options to display maps with directions so people can easily find event place.

Events - Saved Church Template

Other Features : ChurchThemes.Com

We talked a lot on homepage design and other important page templates and church features. Now it’s time to look at other page templates which are common yet very important for church websites.

Ministries : Saved child pages helps you to develop a listing page to display all ministry pages under one page. This is the page from where user can access desired ministry pages to get more information. It will show all child pages in featured style with excerpt and bold title linking full page source.

Testimonials : Share testimonials of church staff, and all other members to inspire a few faith in all people. Besides that, you can share testimonies using text or just videos. You can create parent page to display all testimonials under single template using child template option. This way, user can see all testimonies on one page.

Ministries Page - Saved Churchthemes

Staff and Leaders : Churches need a custom page to share all people who are working for their organization. This post type can add details about all the people along with Featured image, Name, Position etc. You can assign them under specific group stating position level or group name.

The Saved WordPress Theme can prove useful for small or big churches and NGO sites too. Many people prefer to visit church sites to access sermons as it is not possible for some people to visit all sermon meetings. So churches can use single website to share future events, multiple locations, contacts, donation links and everything.

Saved Responsive Church Theme

This is highly SEO friendly and mobile ready responsive church theme for WordPress. It shows a floating message bar on bottom right corner that shows selected message or link all the time everywhere on the site. We highly recommend this theme to churches, NGO and Fund raiser organizations.

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