CPOThemes Allegiant Demo – Multipurpose Business WordPress Theme

Allegiant is a multi-purpose theme for business and marketing websites. CPOThemes developed this WordPress theme for designers, service providers and online goods sellers. Many low budget people become confused when it comes to buy different WP themes for multiple websites. But, CPO provides this WordPress theme with blog, eCommerce business and portfolio features.

Allegiant Demp - CPOThemes Business Theme

All these features are packed in one theme without using extra tools. You will get set of plugins, shortcodes and widgets within setup package. Business websites can add many pages as needed and use simple theme options for setup.

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Ready Frontpage Blocks – Allegiant :

The pre-defined home blocks are supported by parallax background. You can assign custom image to background for home sections. Many thanks to full-width homepage for covering all the width for content sections. Each section is dedicated to unique purpose so that home visitors can check latest news, services, projects, and other business related details.

Slideshow : We have often noticed that slider is best tool for content marketing. It is developed for homepage so business owners are able to put all main news in front attention. The slideshow has automatic scrolling options and optional manual navigation support as well. You can decide speed for slideshow, pause time and type of contents integrated with each slide.

The slides look very amazing when you combine them with custom featured images, a nice title and details with links.

Slideshow CPO Allegiant

Top Services : Allegiant is a best business WordPress theme because it has amazing service listing options. The use of Icon based fonts makes each service listing look creative. Corporate agencies and freelancers can put all main services, skills or products in highlight with service section.

CTA : This is known as call to action text block that will promote any message or link. It basically shows a few words of text with bold font and a button to custom link. Business portals can promote link for price page, important offers, product or any other section. If nothing like that come in the way then simply put phone number saying “Call For Best Quotes”.

Service Listing for Business Websites

Virtuous Business Theme

CPOThemes Business WordPress Theme :

Portfolio : Why agencies should stay back when it comes to display the proof of their projects. Just setup a project showcase page with category filter gird layout. New customers can check all projects from one listing page. Hover effect and featured listing style makes portfolio listing more appealing to the user’s eye.

Single project can display work with photo gallery list, slider, video, and text paragraph explaining everything in detail. Agencies, photography designers and freelancers can use portfolio to get leads by showing work samples.

Portfolio - CPO Project Showcase Theme

Testimonials : Allegiant has never failed for any business to get leads from the website. Some corporate websites forget to display their proof of success. Testimonials feature is one of them which shows happy clients message. Business owners can collect client’s testimonials and show them on website with client’s photo and name.

Don’t think this as common feature because every testimonial given by past client counts for new leads.

Testimonials by Clients - Allegiant

Clients Section : If you buy Light free version then you are not getting all home sections. So, we always suggest to buy premium WordPress theme versions from CPO Themes. The clients section is dedicated to show logos for all big clients or brand partners. When people see your serving top brand then it will vanish all their doubts about product or service quality.

Clients or Business Partners - Allegiant

Allegiant CPOThemes – Multi-Purpose Theme :

Team Members : Whether you are a small agency or a big company, you must be having a team to execute work. Big corporate websites and small size businesses have started showing their people on website. Most of the business or marketing sites display Team page to introduce their staff members. Team people list will show member’s photos, name/designation and personal detail.

Team Section - Homepage Block

Blog : Let your business flourish with content marketing which is top priority for every business. You can’t start getting visitors by only posting a few pages on the website. If you create proper SEO plan and target those keywords with blog marketing then it can boost visitors. Paid marketing is not effective for long term business success.

The blog provides multiple columns support, optional sidebar and all blogging features.

Blog for Business Marketing - CPO Themes

Allegiant Options Panel : Site administrator will control layouts, colors, home sections and menu from customizer options page. The header has floating navigation connecting with user all the time on website. Header uses all space to show multiple menus, social navigation, logo and cart icon. Visual options panel is coding free method and it is loved all users who believes in time saving.

Header Options - Allegiant

Conclusion : Responsive Design is going to meet mobile support which is top need of new SEO rules. If your website serves on all devices and provides sound navigation system then it is likely to get high ranking. The design and customization is easily managed by theme options. Shortcodes and widgets provide extra help to display contents in appealing style.

Thanks to custom post types for providing quick way to list testimonials, projects, and other business elements. We suggest this WordPress template for all business, blogging, e-commerce and online marketing websites.

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