Decorist CSSIgniter – Best Cheap eCommerce WordPress Theme

Decorist is a minimalist WooCommerce theme for online stores by CSSIgniter. If you plan to go online to sell goods or anything then you have to buy eCommerce template that supports mobile. This WP theme is minimalist and suitable for all types of online shopping cart websites need. The demo provides solid experience with responsive test and fast page loading speed. If you are a chic blogger and want to sell cloths, fashion items, books or anything then go and try this product.

Decorist Review CSSIgniter - WooCommerce WordPress Theme

The multi-purpose design works for all product types like electronic items, fashion products, digital goods etc. The elegant design, fixed header, widget supported layout and best customization options makes it first choice for all people. The name suggests that is is released for home decor product selling stores, but versatile layout makes it all rounder.

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Decorist Review – Best eCommerce Theme For WordPress :

Easy Page Setup : Whether it is homepage, contact section or any other page, you will need to use attractive design and layouts for all sections. The homepage proves how you can setup page using custom sections. The Elementor page builder works with all custom sections that is integrated by theme developers. There special widgets available for homepage so you can either use widgets or builder sections.

Custom shortcodes, widgets and builder sections provide many options to develop perfect page layout. You can have an eCommerce portal with slider and call to action on homepage. Just display best stuff like offers and new stock arrival news on slider. Other home featured sections can show product category links, newly added products, products under sale, services types etc.

Decorist Home Editor - Elementor Widgets

Developers and novice computer users both can manage customization work. No coding work is required to build pages and edit layouts as everything can be managed visually with simple options. Decorist is amongst best WooCommerce theme that delivers tight integration with advanced features.

Easy Customization : The back-end section loads customizer and preview section both with single click. You can edit colors, header style, front-page sections, widgets and navigation with CSSIgniter options. Once you read documentation then you can get idea about setup process, and familiar people can start instantly.

Decorist Customization

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CSSIgniter Cheap WooCommerce Theme – Benefits :

The deep integration with all the WooCommerce options makes this a better shopping cart theme for WordPress. You don’t need bunch of plugins to manage product listing, cart operation and payments. Everything is controlled by this free eCommerce plugin and CSSIgniter theme.

Add / View Products : Add your stock using listing post that combines multiple tabs to insert product details. The products will display, SKU, description, features, price, photo gallery, and more. You can fill details in the given fields and leave rest empty which are not required. Product page has extra options like reviews/ratings, and Related posts to add suggestion to generate many page-views.

Decorist - Single Store Product Preview

It will be your choice to display custom sidebar for single product page so that visitors can view other stuff. The sidebar can promote store categories, top products, latest items, social links or any other widgets. Taxonomy listing and bread crumb will boost product posts for SEO ranking.

Customizable Shop Page : Decorist is most valuable shopping e-commerce WordPress theme so far. It always maintains it’s minimalist even when you have lots of contents in pages. The sort option and price filter both are available for east product search. Shop page uses any one layout from three choices that includes full-with and sidebar support. Shoppers can use page navigation options to browse other products from preview pages.

If you check entire site then user can either use shop page, homepage or product category archive page links found inside navigation bar.

Decorist Shop Filter Layouts

Verdict – Decorist Responsive Shopping Template :

Mobile Support : Test the demo by searching and adding product in cart and see how it works. Most of the online shoppers use mobile devices and tablet to buy items. If you launch responsive eCommerce website then you are likely to get many sales. The navigation, product page, featured sections and everything is resized for small screen sizes. You don’t need plugins or extra effort to create responsive store.

Decorist Responsive

Navigation : The floating style navigation takes user to the endless journey where user can see menu links all the time. It will help user keep browsing different categories until a better product is found. The header provides dark/light, and no header layouts. The top header search bar has content box and category list for quick product search.

You will see logo space, cart link, search option and menu bar within header. Custom design provides admin user with menu options to change links easily for top level and drop-down list.

Decorist Menu and Header Search

More Detail : To conclude this WordPress theme review, I would say this is one of the best WordPress theme that every shop owner should buy. The blog page works for content promotion with custom sidebar and blogging options. You can use footer to stuff useful widgets to share contacts, links, disclaimer links, or whatever is required.

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