DesignOrbital Bandana : Portfolio / Business WordPress Theme

Bandana is a versatile responsive WordPress theme from DesignOrbital. The theme is primarily developed for corporate companies and creative agencies. But that it just one side, you can use it for blog and personal website need also. The theme consist of multiple page templates that includes portfolio, blog, testimonials, contact etc.

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It gives you elegant and stylish layout where your contents automatically grabs visitors attention. The options panel allows you to select best typography and color style. So your website will look even more stylish than your competitors. If you don’t want to work on manual coding and time wasting process. Then here is the best multi-purpose business theme that fits to all needs.

Candela Portfolio Theme – DesignOrbital

What We Liked About Bandana WordPress Theme ?

If you just check out front page demo then it shows couple of best featured sections. These sections are managed using WordPress customizer panel, so you can edit contents, texts and everything easily. The homepage widgets allows you to display slider, portfolio items, blog posts, call to action, testimonials and other stuff. So you will never have to miss any important content for homepage area.

You will like built-in carousel slider that makes it easier to display contents in best style. This simple slider let’s you display best articles with auto rotating slider. The carousel and homepage slider highlights contents with featured images. so visitors are easily attracted to your contents. The best font style, clear background and better spacing make it worth using for any website need.


Bandana theme let’s you utilize Ajax auto loading pagination for blog and all other areas. So visitors don’t have to wait for long time to browse posts from previous pages. The sidebar and footer widget areas are available for content promotion. And you are allowed to add any widgets on these areas : e.g. Text, Banners, Contacts, Recent posts etc.

DesignOrbital Bandana : Unique Features

Portfolio : This template is helpful for agencies and freelancers who needs a project showcase board. The back-end portfolio options will give you quick support to add all your work with details. The portfolio template shows all projects with multi-columns featured grid. Any posts added with portfolio post type are displayed under portfolio templates. But you can use homepage blocks to display some best work samples.


Testimonials : Your clients review is valuable assets for your business. So you must show them to new client’s visiting your website. The testimonials feature gives you special post type so you can add photo, name and testimonial words of your past clients. Bandana allows you to create special section to display all client’s testimonials so that new people can put trust in your product or services.


Blog Features : Whether you start a business site, freelance site or personal website. Blog template is always required by most of the professionals. This theme includes a beautiful blog that gives you advanced blog features. Hence, you will have special template to share your knowledge or latest business news.

The blog template uses large featured images and excerpt mode to display little snippet of first paragraph. It could be helpful to bloggers, marketers and business individual to share contents in any form.


The header and sidebar both are given in floating mode so they will always follow you while scrolling with the page. This feature will make your header menus and sidebar widgets always visible to your users.

Before we conclude Bandana review, let me tell you that it also includes full-width layout where you can eliminate sidebar from your pages. This business WordPress theme has buttons, tables, CSS3 columns, typography options, contact page and much more.


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