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MH Elegance is a business WordPress Theme powered by Portfolio features. The premium business template by MH Themes is introduced to work for agencies and all business types. So you will need no extra plugins to promote your projects, services and products. The built-in page layouts, custom shortcodes, and styling options improves the content management experience. As a result, you can develop a unique business site that takes minimum time for customization.

MH Elegance WordPress Theme - MH Themes

If you have been spending lots of time behind customization and content integration then you must replace current theme. For those people who are creating first business site, they are advised to use flexible business theme like this one.

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MH Elegance MH Themes : Homepage Widgets

Frontpage Structure : The homepage screen-shot shows that homepage is given 2 widget areas and a content section. So whatever you will put in Home 1 and Home 2 widget sections will appear in designated sections. When you add custom content using homepage editor screen then it will show it between these two widget sections.

There is no restriction on how many widgets you can place into these 2 home widget areas. So you can pick content widgets that is powered by MH Themes and display latest projects, business details, blog posts and other stuff. The widgets list includes many options so you will find support to add calls to action, contacts, services, and whatever you would like to highlight on front-page.

MH Elegance Homepage Widget Areas

Other Key Sections : Apart from homepage body section, you will find custom header and footer sections. The header and footer both have options to insert custom logo and menu links. So your visitors will surely get options to connect to navigation bar from top and bottom area. The logo uploader can highlight any image that you upload from options panel.

The menu management panel gives you freedom to create multiple menus and assign them to header and footer sections. The footer panel shows social links list which is assigned using using social icons menu section for footer.

Footer Widgets - MH Elegance

Responsive : Website visitors should be able to browse your site without screen size restriction. Then only you can welcome huge flow of visitors from search engines and other sources. The MH Elegance WordPress theme is coded with tablet, mobiles and other devices in mind. So visitors can easily browse all wide homepage sections, navigation menus and other elements.

Responsive Business Template - MH Elegance

Main Benefits : MH Themes Business Template

Custom Headers : MH Elegance theme is first choice for stylish business individuals as it has custom header styling options. It can set “Featured Image” as header background image for posts and pages. Apart from header image, you can also add custom text to develop appealing look. This feature can help you to add attractive landing pages and call to actions.

The header can generate page-views and more leads when you display banner or stylish intro about particular page section. You can only custom header for all pages except blog page, archives and portfolio posts. The page/post editor will automatically show you custom header section with input fields below editor area. This is where you can add Header title, description, Button text, Button link and HEX value for header fonts.

Custom Header - MH Elegance Theme

Custom header options box will show a tick box option which shows “Featured Image” as header background. So you need to tick the box to enable this feature which automatically stretch featured image to fill entire header. Administrators should use large images so that is looks great for header area. The theme documentation will explain about how to setup header image in proper way.

Theme Options : The main central options panel provides easy visual options board. So you will have lots of easiness while adding header logo, and selecting color styles. The styling panel allows you to select fonts, colors, background and other stuff. You can change the look and content presentation style using built-in page layouts and styling options.

MH Elegance WordPress Theme : Portfolio

Custom Portfolio Features : This theme is released for business agencies and corporate firms. So it is not complete without a portfolio section. Therefore, MH Themes has developed “MH Portfolio CPT Plugin” which is a portfolio plugin. The theme package brings this plugin at free of cost. So you never have to try out 3rd party portfolio management plugins from outside.

Once you setup this plugin then it adds “Portfolio Post Type” and listing options. So all your work samples and projects can be easily listed on the website. Th portfolio page will show all posts that is added using “Portfolio Post Type”. Apart from that, you will be able to use custom short-codes to insert portfolio posts on frontpage (widget area), or any posts or pages within site.

Portfolio - MH Elegance

Blog Page : After showing business intro, services and work samples you must promote your contents. And MH Elegance provides a unique blog template with stylish layout. Each shows every blog post entry in excerpt mode which shows thumbnail on left and contents on right. The blog page is helpful to promote latest offers, and news updates about your agency.

The blot post layouts can show or hide sharing buttons, next/previous posts and other details below single post. This is best WordPress business and portfolio theme for business entrepreneurs and corporate firms. The theme includes custom content widgets for homepage and other widgets for sidebar.

Blog Page and Post Layouts - MH Elegance

You can insert custom pages like Blog, Homepage, Contacts and more. I suggest this theme to create online presence for all business firms and freelancers.

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