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MyBlog is a fluid responsive WordPress blogging theme for modern food bloggers and writers. MyThemeShop is always top choice when it comes to buy best quality WordPress themes for news, blog or magazine websites. This product covers many requirements from homepage customization to ad integration.

MyBlog - Premium WordPress Blog Theme - MyThemeShop

The options panel, custom widgets and easy options panel will give you complete combo package. Hence, any blogger that is not familiar with coding is able to manage website easily.

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MyBlog WordPress Theme Review :

Homepage Options : We found not only one but many elements for homepage area that would boost page views easily. The slider is top and highly important promotional section to display blog posts from best category. You can define one category for slideshow promotion and slider will automatically show recent posts from that area. For e.g. if you have a nice offer or some hot news then just assign slider based category to that post to show them in slideshow.

The next is “Featured Section” that works as an optional content board. This featured section promotes post entries from any one category. Blog owners can select one or many category sections for homepage. Each section will show latest featured post entries with selected layout style. This feature always promotes posts from certain categories on homepage which is not possible with simple blog style page.

MyBlog Homepage Slider Screenshot

The recent posts are going to appear on homepage by default. You can decide the post display style, excerpt length, and featured image style from options page. If you adapt to ajax based performance feature and pagination options then visitors can check big posts and archive pages with great speed. Authority blogs and news portals always make content optimized and performance oriented site. This theme is going to offer same features in this WordPress blog template.

Like Button : Let us discuss MyBlog Like option as we are already talking on engaging features. The Like button will appear on posts and comments area which can improve engagement rate. Visitors would give like when they really loved your articles and those like count will bring more page-views. It is same feature that you see with Facebook, Pinterest and other social sites.

MyBlog Home Featured Posts

Ad Management : MyThemeShop MyBlog WordPress theme is capable to meet adsense blogging needs. Even if you are review writer then you can install MyThemeShop review plugin to generate affiliate sales. The advertisement options provide two banner options for single post : top and bottom area. Once you have inserted Ad code then banners will appear in all articles.

You can enable advertisements and replace or disable single post ads easily from one ad management options page.

MyThemeShop Top WordPress Blogging Theme :

Post Formats : If you check out the demo featured post on homepage then it shows all posts in different post formats with icons. This is what seems impressive to many bloggers who love to use various media and post styles for content promotion. If you have custom post types handy then it can simplify task of promoting videos, photos and and quotes. The pre-defined post types has all the options that you need for content embedding and styling.

MyBlog Post Formats Options

The post formats list includes : Audio, Video, Gallery, and Quote. You can enable Post formats icons for all posts so visitors can recognize post type from archives page. The featured posts will generate custom thumbnails as per post type used for each article. That means bloggers who posts game videos, travel photos and positive thoughts can easily impress their readers.

Header Section : You can adapt to any one header style among various options provided by header options panel. MyBlog header can show logo in left or middle area. The background section can have custom image, or any color style of your choice. Other header elements include social sharing options and search feature. Main menu bar will appear separately in bottom area showing all selected categories, homepage and other links.

MyBlog Header Carousel Slider

Carousel : The carousel section is going to appear above homepage and below header. The carousel slider gives you ability to show multiple posts with two way navigations. visitors will see this slider before homepage and it will get home visitor’s attention onto great contents. This is best place to promote some articles from offers section or you can use it to promote product reviews also. The carousel section can be assigned with any category and it is totally optional.

Custom Widgets : Around 11 custom widgets are given in the package with custom sidebar options. You can develop one or many sidebars for archive, single post, home and other pages. All sidebars can have unique widgets in any position so that visitors can see recent posts, banners, newsletter form and other elements. Same way, footer also works as widget promotional areas that is visible all time regardless of layout restriction.

MyBlog Premium Blog Theme :

Social Sharing : If you really care about getting more visitors then you need sharing buttons visible on blog posts. This feature enables social sharing options in two styles that shows icons or counters. Sharing buttons have 3 positions which shows sharing buttons above or below content. If you prefer sharing buttons to be visible all time on post sidebar then “Floating” option will do the job.

The sharing option can be tuned on or off with selected social buttons. so, you are getting full control for this feature where you decide what types of buttons will appear and in which style. This feature is used by most of the online magazines, and blogs for content promotion. Once your blog post gets spread on social sites then it will be seen by many people. This is best option to get visitors, page-views and social followers.

MyBlog Post - Sharing and Related Posts

Single Post : It’s not compulsory to choose one single post layout just like traditional blogs. The single post can have “Related Articles” visible in bottom section. It will replace the need to install extra plugins to display related articles. When people finds extra featured posts on single post bottom area then it automatically suggest readers to check more news articles.

The Authox box is second important element visible below blog posts. It promotes content writer’s short biography and custom links. The comments option shows text box to add comment text to talk with author or other readers. Comments section will show total count and a button to load comment responses manually. You can choose one among two single post layouts that are full-width and single sidebar.

Theme Options : Anything that is customized for this WordPress theme is managed from MyThemeShop panel. This options panel provides a way to choose featured post style, single post layout, slider, header options, font style, color skins and other elements. If you check screen-shot for options panel then it shows tabs list to give you idea on what can be managed with this visual panel.

MyBlog Theme Options

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