MyThemeShop Scribbler – Premium Blogging WordPress Theme

Scribbler is a premium WordPress theme with many advanced blogging options. MyThemeShop has introduced this theme with many features including lots of options for blog and header layouts. You can even change the colors, fonts and other elements as per niche requirement with ready options.

Scribbler MyThemeShop - Premium WordPress Theme for Bloggers

If your ultimate goal is to offer best reading and browsing experience then here is best WP theme. The elegant layout, spacious design, and integration of featured images on every page makes it best for modern news and blog sites. We have seen websites lacking features for advertisements, pagination and styling. But, this theme already has top blogging features including Schema, SEO, and more.

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Scribbler WordPress Theme – MyThemeShop :

What We Liked ? : This is most powerful blogging theme we have ever reviewed. The homepage shows dynamic features to insert featured categories along with latest posts. You can customize featured post elements like thumbnail size, excerpt, listing style etc. Sidebars are optional for entire site so you can enable them to promote latest featured posts, newsletter section, categories etc.

If you need a personal WordPress blogging theme for travel, food, health, lifestyle and other topics then here is best choice.

Blog WordPress Theme - Scribbler

Custom Blog Layouts : Content marketing sites mostly use listing style to highlight their latest posts. You are getting multiple choices here that covers wide featured layout with big image and excerpt. Other choice include simple listing style that shows excerpt just beside the featured thumbnail. Scribbler offers visual controls to change blog layout from the given list.

Optional sidebar covers space to display banners, author detail, social links and other stuff. Thanks to 14 custom widgets that easily adds links and custom text for widget areas. Footer remains visible for all pages and sidebar is optional that depends on which layout is used by blogger.

Blog WordPress Theme - Scribbler

MyThemeShop Blog Theme – Features :

Header Layouts : There are 2 pre-defined header layouts to spice up top section of the website. The header provides big space to promote navigation menu, custom links, and logo. You can have all elements visible in one section or use another layout that shows menu below header.

2 Pre Defined Header Layouts - Scribbler

Fluid Responsive : Blog visitors mostly come from tablet and other handy devices. But, MyThemeShop WordPress themes are good enough to deliver best web browsing experience. It resize page contents as per screen resolutions. It takes care of showing navigation menu, single post, home featured posts and every element itself. Scribbler is best blogging theme for mobile users too.

Fluid Responsive - Scribbler

4 Pagination Types : Normally we are used to work with numbered pagination with traditional blogs. But, things have changed a lot with the arrival of ajax loading technology. You can enable auto content loading pagination that shows content as page is browsed. You can also provide “Load More” button that keep loading more contents without navigating to another page.

Advanced pagination improves content browsing speed while loading contents smoothly without page reload. We can see this advanced content browsing features with all social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and all.

Options Panel - Scribbler Theme-compressed

Scribbler – Modern Blogging Theme Features :

Single Post : It’s not easy to retain visitors on website for longer, especially when they don’t find useful articles. But, things can be different if you show Related posts list with all posts. This blogging template offers related articles section, social sharing options, subscription form and author section. All these elements are visible below each article and you can manage them from options page.

Scribbler Single Post - Sharing and Related Posts

Adsense Optimized : Any content sharing website is linked to some type of income source. You can monetize your blog using advertisement integration feature. The ad slots cover header, footer, and single post areas to display banners from ad companies. Adsense bloggers, affiliate marketers and product sellers can make earning with this built-in ad listing feature.

Advanced Options Panel : We suggest this adsense blogging theme to every one who don’t know coding. The options panel has set of tabs to customize single post, homepage, colors, header and every element. It takes a little time to edit color styles, typography, content loading methods, sidebar layouts etc.

We recommend this premium template to every one who really need a modern WordPress blogging theme with responsive layout.

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