MyThemeShop Tabloid : Minimalist WordPress Blogging Theme

Tabloid is a minimalist WordPress theme for PRO bloggers and content marketers from MyThemeShop. This blogging template provides many powerful options so that you can manage your blog elements easily. The pure elegant layout works for all websites need from journal sites, to marketing blog.

Tabloid MyThemeShop - Best Minimalist WordPress Theme

The package offers lots lots of layouts, styling options and blog features. The shortcodes provide custom layout

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Tabloid WordPress Theme – MyThemeShop :

Homepage : You can set homepage with blog or magazine styles just like shown with demo. Just don’t buy two separate themes for blog and news websites need. The dynamic homepage can work as a blog by just showing featured posts list.

The magazine layout provides freedom to list many categories in homepage area. Just add different featured category blocks so that homepage visitors can easily check-out latest posts from those topics. The elegant and spacious homepage layout makes perfect canvas to display all latest stories.

Authors can select different featured post listing style that shows title, excerpt, and other details.

Homepage - Tabloid Theme

9 Blog Layouts : The theme never goes out of choice when it comes to choose right blog style. I have seen bloggers who need light weight template for fashion, travel and food blogs. These layouts provide many ways to display blog posts and sidebar widgets. You can set sidebar or set it off from the screen. The home category sections provide different layouts to display latest posts in attractive style.

Blog Layouts - Tabloid MyThemeShop

Tabloid WordPress theme has proven as the best solution for multi-purpose blogging needs. It delivers benefit of SEO and unique experience with latest minimalist design. Just forget about manual coding, and SEO as most of the stuff is managed by theme options itself. Designers have taken care for basic structure and visual options provide rest of the control in your hand.

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Benefits Of MyThemeShop Minimalist Theme :

Options Panel : Most of the food and lifestyle bloggers are novice users. In this case, they always try to find flexible ways to start blog platform. This developer has integrated a custom options board for easy website setup. The options panel controls homepage layouts, featured sections, blog, colors, typography, advertisement listings and lot more.

This is a best WordPress blogging theme that saves time required for customization. It comes in reasonable price and dynamic structure so that you can increase page-views. It makes you earn good money from advertisement integration with adsense or any custom Ad program.

Tabloid Options Panel

Header Layouts : Tabloid looks simple but it offers lots of choices to optimize content presentation. Header is one of the main section with 2 custom layouts to attract user’s attention on navigation system. You can choose any logo and couple of links to be promoted on the top of the blog. Just select all main links for top section and add more under menu listing.

Header Layouts - Minimal Blog Theme

Fluid Responsive : Google checks all websites websites for mobile support to improve user experience. Hence, this is not optional feature as it must be there to get traffic from search engines. MyThemeShop blogging templates are always supported by mobile responsive support. You can test menu, blog posts, home sections and everything on different screen sizes. It just works so well on handy devices to make them feel good while browsing stories.

Fluid Responsive Blogging Theme - Tabloid

Tabloid Review – Is It Worth Buying ? :

Related Posts : Readers can enjoy browsing many other relevant contents from each blog post. Just enable this feature from single post options and it will show featured posts related to current post. This feature covers many post displays styles. You can choose source taxonomy like category or tag to display articles.

Related Blog Posts - MyThemeShop Magazine Theme

Social Sharing : Readers would promote your content free of cost if they like what you write in articles. So, the best way is to provide handy sharing options to increase social visitors. Social sharing options provide support to enable sharing buttons for top social media sites. The buttons use social media logo as button icons to make it look more creative.

People love sharing good stuff with others, and this feature just help them spread best stories with friends. Social visitors are mostly very much relevant to contents and they always ads value to your visitors rate. More traffic means lots of Ad revenue and email subscribers.

Social Sharing - Single Blog Post

Best Widgets : We found many custom widgets that boost page-views for single posts and archive pages. Footer sections looks good to promote custom links, social follow buttons and other details. Sidebar area can also promote widgets to display advertisement banners, recent articles, newsletter form and more.

If you have been searching for a perfect blogging theme with flexibility and SEO feature then buy this.

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