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Meet Auction WordPress Theme with advanced responsive layout by PremiumPress. If you have been searching for a plugin or WordPress script to start auction website then you must read this review till end. The theme has listing options, ratings/reviews feature, and much more. It gives you all control from homepage listing to design and styling.

The theme includes various membership options, listing fields, auction management features and more. If you want to start auction website for any goods then here is best premium WordPress theme to meet all your needs.

Auction Theme PremiumPress - WordPress WooCommerce Auction Theme

Auction Theme Features Review – PremiumPress :

Auto Bidding : This feature generates price boost for live auction by automatically bidding against client’s bids. Site owners can set maximum bid price level and then system will automatically keep bidding until the given price is reached. This way, sellers will secure every deal with minimum sale price to make sure they get better profit.

Buy Now : This is additional features which let visitors to buy any item with fixed price. When you add “Buy Now” button with products listings then user can easily buy the item for given price, without waiting for auction to end. This way, sellers can either sell item with maximum possible price using bid strategy or they can define one highest price under “Buy Now” button.

Auction sellers can choose to set a buy now price so users can buy the item outright without having to wait for the auction to finish.

Bidding Live Countdown - Auction PremiumPress

Live Auction Countdown : PremiumPress Auction WordPress Theme shows a countdown timer so that user can check the expiry time or remaining time for every deal. The live counter will increase client’s interest to bid faster as it progress towards expiry time. Besides that, user can also know about total remaining time for bid expiry.

Time factor plays big role when it comes to win bid and that’s why most of the live bidding websites show bid history and time with every product page.

Auction Category Listing Page - PremiumPress

Auction Website Features and Benefits :

Auction Seller Feedback : This WordPress auction theme comes with best feedback system which permits buyer and seller both to rate each other. This way, new users can know if current seller or buyer is worthy or not. The ratings and feedback improves user’s credibility which can deliver more leads or benefits in future. This feature force user to maintain good track records by offering best products or services while promising them to send more leads from their performance feedback.

User Feedback System - Auction Theme

Soft Close System : Auction plugins are mostly delivered with limited features, but this auction WP theme has no limit. The soft closing system makes sure to extend expiry time by adding 5 minutes. This way, new bidders will be getting chance to bid higher in last moments. And system will only end the bid when it see no bidders in last few minutes.

Members Area : PremiumPress Auction Theme creates a members section for every registered user. Once user login to profile section then he can see bidding history. Members can easily see all items they are bidding currently, and those items too where they have lost the bid. User can add best deals or item listings in Watch List button shown with every product page. Later on, user can check out auction progress for selected item.

The members area provide user to set profile details, add photos and view bids.

Bidding History - Profile Section

Directory Theme : PremiumPress

WordPress Auction Theme Benefits :

Shipping Prices : The auction goods sellers can choose to select shipping fee within final auction price. This feature allows user to include extra shipping cost easily without adding extra charges manually in billing process. So what user will see as final item with include both product price and shipping cost as well.

Homepage Sections : The PremiumPress Auction demo shows the best homepage with visually stylish features sections. The first home section shows categories with thumbnails linked to source pages. Hence, user can see images with category title and visit best categories as per their choice. The next is “Featured Auctions” area which shows items with carousel type section and multiple grid layout.

These home blocks are added with advanced customization feature.

Responsive Auction Theme - Auction Theme PremiumPress

More Details : Auction Theme has flexible navigation that shows all links with drop-down list. You define custom logo, links and other elements while selecting custom style for header section. The blog is exception when it comes to content marketing. Just keep publishing best deals news and product related details through blog section to get visitors on the website.

The responsive design adjust auction listing page and everything on user’s screen. You can define custom payment gateway, and membership plans (free/premium) as required. Thanks to easy drag and drop widgets and theme options which takes care of content management.

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