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Elizabeth is the first child WordPress theme for Kadence by Restored 316. The parent theme is totally free so you don’t have to buy extra money to get framework support. The integration of modern features makes it best solution for all business needs. We found some best features that are Gutenberg blocks, Custom widgets, Page templates etc.

Elizabeth WordPress Kadence Business Theme - Restored 316

This is a WordPress theme for people who need multi-purpose template for business, blog, shop and other needs. You don’t need lots of money or coding skill to start with a professional website. Just purchase this Kadence child theme and get started building site with ready options.

Farmhouse Review – Restored 316

Elizabeth Review – Business Theme for Women :

Frontpage : Most of the business owners get confused when it comes to decide on homepage design. This WordPress theme gives you full demo support so you can clone the frontpage layout easily. Besides that, it has Gutenberg home page supported by many custom blocks. Site administrators can use these blocks to insert business introduction, featured pages, posts, contacts, and other details.

The flexible blocks can be moved to any order on homepage as needed. You will have full styling support to edit font, colors, background, and other elements using block editor options. I have seen many business portals promoting core services, price list, shop items, blog and contacts on homepage.

Elizabeth Homepage

Once people find valuable information on homepage then it will encourage them to browse other pages. As a result new visitors might browse about page, services, price, and contacts to convert them into leads.

Category Index : Elizabeth WordPress theme always puts archive page into main focus. Because, people would surely browse these pages to find useful articles. So, it is really important to design category index pages in such a way that would simplify content browsing.

The index page offers support to choose categories that should be highlighted on particular archive page. Besides that, you can select featured grid columns layout to display post entries in list or grid style.

Elizabeth Category Index Page

Services : This is one of the most important page template among all. All businesses require this page to display list of services or products. The page allows site owners to list all best services with stylish headings, images, videos, and bullet points highlight main features. Gutenberg support will always help you add custom blocks to insert stylish elements in any order within pages.

ElizabethService Page

Why Elizabeth Is Best Kadence Child Theme ?

The simplicity and flexible options makes this a best WordPress theme among all others. This theme was promoted to be helpful for business entrepreneurs, but that’s not all. You can use built-in pages and plugins to start blog, online store, and marketing website. Let’s review other features to see powerful of this feminine theme.

Blog : I just love the way it shows blog post entries on listing page. The business marketers can set a list or grid style to display featured post with title, excerpt and link. The single article starts with a bold title showing category name & publish date. You will see a widgetized sidebar with useful contents if it is enabled.

Blog Post - Elizabeth WordPress Theme

The bottom post section has many unique features to keep readers on the site for log time. The bottom area shows Next/Previous post links so user don’t have to go back and forth. The Related posts section has carousel type section to display multiple entries. It shows other featured post entries from category assigned to current post.

WooCommerce Shop : Elizabeth works with best free shopping cart plugin so that girls can start selling anything from site. The eCommerce plugin can manage to sell cloths, books, recipes, courses, or services. This is optional feature so you can install the WooCommerce plugin only when you need shop with business site. It has options to configure payment gateway, shop page, product listing listing, and check out.

WooCommerce Shop - Kadence Child Theme

Other Features Of Restored 316 WordPress Theme :

SEO Optimized : All premium WP themes from this developer are optimized for core vitals. Hence, it will offer higher score to get ranked on google search results. The page loading speed, design, navigation and all other elements will offer smooth browsing speed. Thanks to responsive layout that provides same speed and visibility on various devices including mobiles.

SEO-optimized-core-web-vitals-Restored 316

Header : The entire header section is optimized to display navigation bar, logo, social links and shopping cart check out icon. The fixed top bar section shows cart all the time on the top floating bar. You can have anything else visible on top bar if not using shop. The header accommodates logo for branding with a menu showing useful links.

Elizabeth offers search option and social navigation menu to optimize header. The stylish social icons will increase followers from website traffic. Thanks to wide and customizable header for offering logo uploader, multiple menu and styling options.

Header Menu Logo - ElizabethTheme

Customizer: Any WordPress template would require an options panel to control website elements. This Kadence child theme has all features integrated within customizer panel. Therefore, site admin user can easily access header, blog, colors, navigation, fonts, and other features. It shows preview for all changes made instantly so that user can save or reject changes.

I would suggest every one to try this WordPress theme for any website need. The simple setup process, widget support, page templates collection and framework options makes worth buying.

Elizabeth Customizer Options

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