Showthemes Speakersumo Demo : Best Event WordPress Theme

Speakersumo Introduction : A responsive event showcase WordPress theme from Showthemes. This WP theme developer always creates best templates for events and conference listing websites. Therefore, it consist of ready features required to create custom homepage with featured sections. While using back-end area, you don’t have to worry about event, schedule and speaker’s profile listings. Because there is a specific features for all needs.

Speakersumo Showthemes demo - Event WordPress Theme

The good thing about back-end area is that it has user friendly visual options. So you will get ready options and fields to insert event and program details. You never have to add CSS or HTML programming code. Everything is taken care by theme itself and that’s why it is popular as novice friendly theme.

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Features Review : Speakersumo Event Theme

Homepage Structure : All featured blocks that are visible in frontpage demo are optional. So you can prefer to add them in any order or choose to disable them if not required. The long homepage layout is easily developed using built-in page composer. This tool helps you to decide content for each section along with title and other stuff.

Speakersumo demo preview shows a nice homepage design that shows latest contents from all main pages. Hence, visitors are easily going to find about upcoming events, speakers, program details, latest articles. Furthermore, you can also choose to display event map, social share links, contacts, and calls to action. Showthemes offers nice typography and styling options.

Frontpage Featured Sections - Speakersumo

So all pages, home sections including header will look appealing to the visitors. You can choose any background style, color skins, buttons and headings that looks right as per your brand needs.

Flexible Header : The header is used in smart way to highlight main event details or any important stuff. It combines two media options so you can either use image or video as featured section. Along with that, there is an options to display calls to action or any details with title and links. Mostly, this section is used to display nearest or big event details.

Speakersumo Header

Best Features : Showthemes Event Theme

Floating Menu : The header section will highlight custom logo on the left which can be an image or text for your brand. Apart from that, it shows all menu links on the right of logo covering all space. So this is going to be best place to provide connection to all main event pages. Floating design keeps header visible during page scroll process. So user can see all menu links even from middle or bottom area on the site.

Floating Menu - Speakersumo

The transparent background is another beautiful part of navigation menu which keeps background element visible to the user. Floating menu only becomes activated when you scroll upside from current point. So you won’t see it while scrolling down to check contents.

Events Calendar/Maps : Speakersumo event section provides listing options to add all future events details. So user can check it out from listing page or you can also display events calendar on homepage. The calendar provides detailed and quick view for monthly events program. The homepage also allows you to integrate a event map section where user can click event name and view location and other details.

Event Map and Calendar - Speakersumo

Testimonials : Let people see the actual words of past client’s who had attended your program or event. The testimonial section highlights client’s photo, words and their word given as testimony. You can add this section on frontpage to convince new client’s to buy tickets for your programs.

Speakersumo WordPress Theme : Last Words

Media Board : This section consist two tabs to display photos and videos. So user can check all your past programs videos and images in easy way. This is ideal for people wanting to provide highlight of past program or live concerts. Media items can not only impress visitors but also provide them actual experience.

Books Sections : This section is good place to sell all your merchandise like books, CD or other stuff. All Showthemes templates work with WooCommerce plugins so you can easily sell digital goods from website. This eCommerce plugin can help you collection money from PayPal.

Testimonials and Blog Posts - Speakersumo

Blog Posts : Apart from event features, there is a blog section which work as a general news board. Here, you can announce updates for events or post special offers or news articles. The blog section has sidebar widget support and it shows all stories in beautiful way.

Before conclusion, I want to tell you that Speakersumo allows you to sell event tickets in two ways. Either you can choose Paypal to sell tickets on your own or you can use any popular ticket selling service or plugin. All you have to do is just add ticket button code on your site so user is diverted to ticket page.

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