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Grandstand is a WordPress blogging theme released for marketers and professional bloggers. Teslathemes has used their best programmers and designer team to come up with a simple looking blog template. If you check out demo before reading this review then you will see many features in header, single post, homepage and other sections.

This journal WP theme has necessary widgets, page templates, Ad listing options, easy options panel and more. Therefore, content writers will find it helpful to share articles on travel, technology, food, fashion and all topics.

Grandstand - WordPress Blog Theme - TeslaThemes

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Grandstand WordPress Theme : Frontpage

Featured Post : Bloggers will decide how they want to promote blog posts on frontpage or archive sections. Modern bloggers always choose except post display style with listing layout. You will have a big featured image and attractive heading visible with every home featured post. These post entries will also display small author box image (round shape) and Like button with total likes below heading.

We can say that Teslathemes has used best post display style that is mostly found with authority blogs and news featuring sites. It’s simple look maintains good readability for contents so that readers can always look at useful contents without facing distractions.

Featured Post - Grandstand Teslathemes

SEO Friendly : The Grandstand WP theme takes less time to load pages and posts. Therefore, search engines be impressed to give you high SEO score. visitors always tend to browse more pages when you website loads at faster speed and that’s why developers have not used any heavy graphics in the e design.

The pages and posts are powered by full-width and sidebar layouts. These two layouts will be available as global choice for entire site or you can choose custom layout for some of the pages. HTML5 & CSS3 coding style is used in theme development which helps you to easily stream videos, display images and add stylish effects for contents. The Bootstrap 3 support makes it extra powerful by offering best framework support and theme options for WordPress CMS.

Shortcodes Support : Bloggers often need support to create awesome reviews and call to action types articles. The shortcodes package provides way to add columns section, buttons, lines, tabs and other elements. The shortcodes are found in post and page editor so you never need to use lots of plugins to create awesome articles or landing pages.

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Teslathemes WordPress Blog Theme Benefits :

Header Overview : Grandstand WordPress theme serves your visitors with best header and multi-level navigation system. Content marketers can used custom menu options to display best links in top side and additional links in drop-down list. The header shows logo, search box and social media icons in left and right corner. You will have think but wide header layout which occupies little space to display multiple elements.

Custom Header - Grandstand Theme

Custom Widgets : Never take common blog features like widgets and header lightly. These sections are common part for every web template layout and they always have same importance with changing era. The widgets collection that we saw in demo looks appealing for blogging needs. Widgets makes it lot more easier to promote Author information, Email sign-up box, Latest tweets, Popular posts, Social media box, Instagram photos, and much more

If we look over sidebar of footer area then you will find similar widgets. The footer shows widgets with multiple columns and sidebar uses portrait layouts to display widgets in list order.

Advertising : Bloggers need this feature to monetize website and that’s why Teslathemes gives you best ad-listing options. You can have your advertisement visible in single post, sidebar (any widget area) and other locations. It needs little time to make your adsense or affiliate banners visible everywhere on the website.

These are the features that would improve browsing speed, content marketing efforts and revenue.

Grandstand Blog Theme : Blog Post and Theme Options

Single Post : Every article should look engaging so that readers would prefer to stay for long time on the website. There are certain features that comes in optional mode, but you can enable them to create attractive blog posts. The comments box is always there to let readers write message to authors and discuss on current topic. The social sharing bar shows round shape icons so that visitors can share current post to any social site.

The recent posts list uses thumbnails and title so readers can link to other articles from current screen. You can show total post views with count so that readers can easily check popularity of blog posts. There is a like button visible with excerpt and full post screen which shows total likes received by people. Visitors can like your post, share it, and discuss with writer with all these features.

Single Post - Grandstand Theme

Theme Options : Internet marketers prefer easy to customize WP themes like Grandstand theme. Because, this type of themes offers custom options panel with simple layout. Therefore, blogger doesn’t need to be a coder to edit color style, fonts, background or any other stuff. The theme back-end panel offers Google web font support, Color selector, Styling options and more.

Responsive : Modern internet user never prefer to stay longer on non-responsive websites. But, this responsive blogging theme gives you dynamic layout support that is automatically resized as per user’s need. You can easily check responsive layout with small browser window screen or by loading demo in preferred devices (smart phone, tablet).

I suggest this WordPress blogging theme to those people who loves simple and elegant platform.

Responsive Blog WP Theme - Teslathemes Grandstand

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