Teslathemes : Salt and Pepper Food Recipe Blog WordPress Theme

Salt and Pepper is a WordPress recipe listing theme for bloggers wanting to share food ideas. Teslathemes has released this theme for mom bloggers, chef and cooking experts who wants to share their idea on cooking, recipes and lifestyle. Having been developed for recipes writers in mind, it has custom recipes listing options, general blog options and much more.

The theme puts visual imagery in equal focus just like text which is considered as main content. You will see featured images and thumbnails everywhere : homepage, recipes page, blog page, sidebar, footer and everywhere.

Salt and Pepper Teslathemes - Recipes WordPress Blog Theme

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Salt and Pepper WordPress Theme Features :

Flexible Page Builder : If you just need a simile blog type website the you can set blog as homepage. Just check demo that shows slider, recipes, blog posts and lots of stuff in single page. This type of unique blog style or magazine type homepage can be developed using page builder. The “Visual Composer” plugin is provided free of cost with custom shortcodes and elements.

Whatever you require for pages will be made available with visual builder. The drag and drop method is used to implement carousel section, recent posts, recipes gallery, call to action and more. The demo is just one side of infinite possibilities with builder plugin. You can use it to insert lots of other stuff and create unlimited pages for recipe blog website.

Home Sections - Salt n Pepper WordPress Theme

You can have various sections on homepage that would show latest posts from blog, or recioes

Best Design : The new coding methods and latest SEO standards have been used in theme development. Salt and Pepper WordPress theme gives you unique design that works faster even with heavy media loaded pages. Therefore, when you use multiple photos, videos and other elements in articles then it will not affect loading speed.

Just check archive listing pages, homepage, and single post and you will best loading speed with all of them. Thanks to elegant design concept that keeps content in main focus while still showing everything in clear way.

Recipe Blogging Theme : Teslathemes

Recipe Page Layout : The recipes listing page has been developed to offer multiple layout. Bloggers can choose full-width layout or sidebar layout which shows grid listing section to display recipe post entries. The listing page can be used to promote all recipes at one pace with navigation bar. User will see filter navigation bar that shows list of categories used to classify recipes.

4 columns grid has been used to promote maximum posts in single page. User will see post entries with featured thumbnails, taxonomy, and custom title for each entry. This is how you can share all your food tips ideas in single page.

Recipes Page - Salt and Pepper Theme

Single Recipe Post : Salt and Pepper theme gives you custom recipes listing layout. You just have to enter details in the pre-designed fields. Once you are done adding details then it will display general details. ingredients list, and cooking procedure in step wise mode. The top section will display big featured image with total cooking time defined by author.

Single Recipes Post - Salt and Pepper Recipe Theme

Blog Page : We talked on homepage and recipes listing section, now it’s time to see detail about blog section. Blog page combines support of optional sidebar that promotes widgets with listing and single blog post screen. The listing page shows featured entries with wide and big images, title, publish date, excerpt, Read more link and comments count.

The single blog post screen shows tags, categories, social share links, comments form and more. Therefore, blog articles will be informative enough to provide all details and engaging layout.

Blog Page - Salt and Pepper

Salt and Pepper Teslathemes : Benefits

Custom Widget Support : The widgets list includes wide range of choice from showing banner to recent posts. You can choose any widget with drag and drop method to promote best contents in footer and sidebar areas. These areas will be ideal to promote Recent posts, Social links, Recipes featured posts, Newsletter form, Author detail, Banners and more.

Footer full-width section has 4 columns space and sidebar has vertical space to display all selected widgets. If these widgets are used properly, then you can have visitors to browse various archive pages, latest posts, follow social links and do much more.

Responsive : Salt and Pepper is a best food recipe blogging theme for WordPress. Because it is capable to serve user on mobiles, tablet, and all devices you might be using. The theme also takes care of loading navigation, images, paragraphs and featured sections properly. Therefore, visitors can easily filter recipes, view blog posts, and navigation to pages from menu bar.

Header Area : This is top navigation point which promotes logo, custom links, social links, and search box in single panel. The header navigation will display multiple columns links like mega menu. Hence, authors can promote all top level pages, and categories with menu bar.

Header Footer - Salt and Pepper

Theme Options : There are custom theme options integrated to deliver best customization experience. Blogger don’t need to learn coding work in order to create recipe sharing website. The theme brings listing options, layouts, styling and all options. Visual options require no coding work, as you can define your choice with a click of mouse button.

I think, this is best WordPress recipe and food blogging theme so far.

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