Molino ThemeFuse : The Core Restaurant / Food Blogging Theme

Introducing Molino by ThemeFuse : Restaurant and Food blogging theme introduced under The Core. Let me tell you that “Core” is a WP theme bundle with multiple templates. This versatile WordPress theme is good for all food business like Bakery, Cafe and restaurants. Even if you are running pastry shop then you can still start a website to find clients from within town.

Molino ThemeFuse - Bakery Food WordPress Theme for Restaurants and Recipes

This food template covers 3 parts : Food menu page, Recipe listings options and Blog template. So you can always think of starting a website to promote restaurant business. Or you can also create recipe sharing blog or general food blog.

ThemeFuse Architekt : The Core Business Theme

Best Features Overview : Molino

Why ThemeFuse Themes ? : Because every WordPress theme that you purchase from this developer comes with “Unyson”. This is a page builder which is best tool to develop custom pages for business and all needs. The page editor shows extra tab where you can access “Page Builder” along with all tools. The drag and drop page builder elements takes only a few moments to create engaging homepage, service page or any additional page.

Homepage Design : We can see demo preview that shows a homepage with featured snippets from all website sections. Like Molino homepage demo, you can easily display custom menu items, restaurant introduction, recipes links, blog posts and other stuff. So you will have to drag and drop content sections from page builder to highlight restaurant menu, contacts and other stuff.

Molino Builder - Frontpage Sections

Header / Footer : Both of these sections have one thing in common, that is “Menu” bar. So you can assign “Main Menu” to both header and footer sections. As a result, visitors can connect to primary navigation system from anywhere on the site. The header creates the platform to display brand symbol which could be logo of your business or personal identity.

The Muse Blog Theme : ThemeFuse

Top Page Templates : Molino The Core

Menu Page : This single page is prepared to display all your dishes served by your cafe or restaurant. If you check it’s layout and content presentation style then it will leave you speechless. The recipes template can be assigned with a custom title and header image. Rest of the body area will show all your menu items with featured image.

The back-end options page has listing options so you can create multiple menus and add items as per different categories. The menus listing page clearly shows different sections with custom title, icon and listings. Each menu item appears clearly with name, price, ingredients and nice thumbnail image.

Menu Page - Molino Restaurant Template

The menu page, homepage, recipes, and all areas are flexible for small screens. So visitors will be enjoying browsing recipes, menus, homepage and everything. Responsive WordPress themes prove helpful to bring maximum visitors which can be turned into diners or visitors.

Recipes Listing Option : Food bloggers normally use this feature to share recipes idea so that readers can learn to cook new dishes. If you are planning to create food recipe sharing site then you must create proper listing style. The Molino WordPress theme has recipes listing options so you can add all cooking steps, ingredients, and other stuff nicely.

If you just check demo recipes post the it shows all steps and cooking tips nicely. Moreover, bloggers can use thumbnail gallery, videos and other elements to improve reading experience.

Recipes Listing - Molino Food Blog Theme

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Blog Template : Mostly, restaurants and food business sites prefer to use blog as information section. Hence, it can work as a content marketing tool or you can share food tips or new recipes. The blog looks gorgeous with nice featured post entries that shows “Read More” links. Each blog post shows thumbnails and nice attractive titles.

The page layout options allow you to add sidebar or full-width page style. If you prefer to use sidebar for blog or any page then it can share contents with widgets. Just pick best widgets to share recent posts, social links, custom ad banners and other stuff. If you closely check blog page preview then it shows images on left, right, or top side. This template proves helpful to start food related blogs or recipes food websites.

Blog Page Options - Molino Theme

Advantages : Apart from all these features, Molino theme helps you to add contact form & a Google Maps to share restaurant or coffee shop location. You can also add extra pages to display staff details with their skills and experience. Big restaurants can use Events and add calendar so display important events date.

Last but not least, ThemeFuse offers 3 Types of Sliders, Custom color selector and typography options. The main options page has controls to manage page layouts, styling and everything that comes in customization need. We rate Molino as a best WordPress theme for food business and relevant content sharing sites.

Responsive Food Restaurant Theme - Molino

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