Themify Flat Demo : Portfolio Business Theme With Flat Design

Flat is a versatile WordPress theme introduce a unique design concept powered by Themify. If you check out the demo and screenshots from this page then you will see how it shows all contents using modern flat design and solid background color style. This design uses a unique color style, solid background and spacious full-width page layouts to show content in unique style.

Flat Design WordPress Theme - Themify

This design style is used by Andriod, Apple iOS7 and Windows platforms, and now finally WordPress users are also going to get benefit of the same. Once you check the live demo and scroll down on the page then you will see contents are shown with various animated styles. This is what you need to create a stylish and attractive website for business, agency and product marketing.

Corporate Theme Review – Themify

Themify Flat Homepage Builder Review :

Drag & Drop Builder : All users are capable to use this page builder because of it’s easy visual controls. Just plan the unique page design concept in your mind and turn it into reality with the builder controls. The builder module provides rows and columns to develop a base for page sections. The demo uses “Builder Rows” to place contents from different pages in each section.

Check homepage and scroll down onto every section to see how it uses light page loading structure to display contents with speed. The builder modules provide styling panels so you can chance font, color, margins, background, and padding for each home section.

Flat Themify Page Builder

Contents and Styling : Flat WordPress theme uses various modules to build content blocks for homepage. You can use Slider, Text , Gallery, Image, Post, Menu, Accordion and more. A quick video tour is also provided on product page which shows how to create unique featured pages from zero. No coding work or special design skills are required to perform setup and customization work for the website.

Only content can not win the hear, nor stylish images can convince visitors. So, you need combination of both content and media with style to present your products and services. The frontpage demos shows different animation styles for each row which are all included in page builder. To name a few, you will like animated circles, progress bars, slide-in, fade-in, fly-in, drop-in etc.

Flat - Content Styling Frontpage Modules

Besides Themify Builder, you will see awesome list of custom shortcodes, and custom post types for Portfolio, Testimonial, Team, and Timeline. Let’s check every unique feature will close look.

Float Themify : Portfolio Theme

Features List: Themify Business WordPress Theme

Portfolio : Invite visitors to check your best work samples, photography list or unique design collection. We can assume thousands of benefits to promote business services and products with advanced portfolio features. The custom post type will list projects at one place under portfolio listing page. So, visitors can view them all at one place with pagination to easily check previous pages.

You can display portfolio items either with image slider or just use single featured image. Thanks to portfolio layout that uses 2 and 3 columns style to promote many featured post entries in one page. The single portfolio post shows image, details and links to view Next/Previous posts.

Flat Portfolio Post Type

Animated Progress Bar : Flat WordPress theme has mice animated progress bars feature that is used for many purpose. This feature is used to display achievements, skill levels, and more. You can customize animated bars with custom text level, color style, and also choose custom length for the bar. The graphical presentation with animated style can easily reveal best sides and unique thing about your company or business.

Flat - Progress Bar

Circle Animation : Get visitor’s attention on main services or special product features using animated circle. The highlight posts are compatible to display anything that is important for visitors. For e.g., you can promote main product categories, best features, speciality of your services, top benefits and more.

Flat Theme - Animated Progress Bar

Extra Features – Flat WordPress Theme :

Team Members : Show off every team member with skills (progress bar), expertise area, name, picture and all details. The custom team post type delivers all fields that will be required to show team members introduction. You can add all team peoples list in one section and display them in home section or in Team listing page.

Flat Themify - Team Post Type

Testimonial : Flat is a business and portfolio theme so this feature is going to prove helpful for all uses. You can choose testimonial feature to display best compliments given by your clients. The custom post type provides way to show testimonial with client’s name, photo and message in stylish way. You can display this section on homepage using slider or different grid layouts, whichever is best for you.

Flat Team Post - Business Theme

Blog : Themify business and portfolio templates are used to create corporate websites or marketing portals. Therefore, it offers seven blog layout options with list and grid view styles. You can add 2,3, and many grid layouts as you like to promote news about product updates, new release or tutorials.

Blog Template - Flat WP Theme Themify

Other Details : Just check how the way it shows header area with solid background style having logo wit text line, social links, search box and menu bar. Thanks to custom menu for showing selected links in unique colorful style with drop-down list support. The header can show main links, brand symbol and social links to add followers for social pages.

The product page says that it’s options panel is managed with easy controls so you can quickly set layout type for blog, portfolio and every section. You can develop homepage with page builder, or follow demo sample file or set any page as homepage. The demo shows a couple of best examples to give you idea on how to utilize modern flat design concept. You are still free to follow ideas from demo or create any type of unique design as you like.

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