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Performag by Thrive Themes is the first “True” Magazine WordPress theme available in the market. You may have seen many premium and free WordPress news and magazine templates. But many of those are just dedicated to provide you magazine type look. But this theme gives you actual features that is helpful to create an engaging online magazine portal.

Performag Thrive Themes Demo - WordPress Magazine Theme

So next time when you start a new magazine portal, news site or blog then you don’t have to purchase other themes or plenty of plugins.

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What We Love About Performag WordPress Theme ?

Thrive Themes has been rated as the best WordPress themes store because it offers Thrive Builder. So you can easily build custom pages and also utilize built-in features like landing page, Opt-ins, Focus area, Shortcodes, Layouts and other styling options. This theme is primarily optimized for content and Ad revenue. Hence, journal sites who wants to share contents and make revenue are the top target of Performag theme.

Performag Color Styling options

The theme has been integrated with light and dark color styles. So you can one as per your niche or styling taste. In addition, bloggers can also select custom color highlights among 6 ready colors. This way, you can select custom color style for all your categories and highlight them easily throughout website. With the help of WordPress theme customizer, you can apply custom colors, backgrounds and control many other elements.

Responsive Magazine Theme - Performag

Hence, we can say that authors and news writers are never ever put in limitation when they want to optimize look and feel of the site. The theme just gives you options to set font style, color style, sidebar layout, header, background, navigation panel and more. It just focus to improve reading and content browsing experience through built-in engaging features.

Thrive Themes Performag : Features Review

Ad Revenue Options : This WordPress template also provides custom Ad Revenue settings with detailed targeting options. It will help you earn good revenue from your contents by implementing right ad strategies. All authority magazine and news websites become successful when they implement right monetization strategy.

When you go on back-end area then you will see “Thrive Ad Group” option. This section allows you to create new Ad campaign strategy and view existing one.

Ad Management Options - Performag Thrive Themes

Performag built-in Ad Management system, you can create multiple Ad group using Ad code provided by different ad networks. So you can use Google adsense, Affiliate programs and other Ad networks to make revenue from website traffic. You can show Ad in different locations : In-side your posts, In-side your sidebar or After certain paragraphs into posts.

The Ad panel also allows you to choose Ad targeting strategy to display ads on posts or pages. If you select posts to promote ads then you can define categories and tags for certain ad campaigns. The Ad Group page provides status option where you can enable or disable ad campaign with single click.

In Post Advertisement Banners - Performag

Not only that, Performag WordPress theme is capable to create responsive ad presentation. So you can serve Ads on Mobile, Tablets and all screen types.

Custom Header : The header looks fine with with custom logo and navigation bar which shows menu, search box and social links. The MegaMenu system let’s you add multiple contents with drop-down list to highlight featured posts, and multiple categories. The menu loads various contents smoothly when you hover mouse on drop-down panel.

The social panel shows custom social icons to display your on-line social presence for all big social platforms. We love floating navigation bar layout that is visible when use start scrolling on website. The menu works smartly to easily connect visitors to right category of their choice.

Header MegaMenu - Performag

Content Optimized Features : Thrive Themes

Social Share Buttons : This is just a single feature but it is visible throughout many areas. If you really want to take benefit of social media platforms then you need to optimize your website for social media features. The theme shows social media buttons on blog page with each featured blog post entry. If you check magazine homepage layout then it highlights total social share counts.

Social Sharing Options - Performag Magazine Theme

The single blog post also highlights prominent “Social sharing buttons” on the top area near article title. But that’s not all, as you start scrolling on single post then it shows a floating bar with social sharing buttons. So user always see social media buttons on the screen while reading articles. This feature can surely improve social share counts and also bring SEO benefits.

Slideshow Post Type : Performag theme is powered by custom Slideshow post type which helps you to share photography in proper way. You just need to add all photos into single post and it will create custom slideshow with navigation buttons.

The slideshow posts are also optimized with social share buttons (left bottom). You can also display banners on the top and right of slider posts. This way, you can still earn good Ad revenue and get lots of social share by posting beautiful photography with readers.

Slideshow Post Type - Performag Thrive Themes

Final Words : Thrive Themes Magazine Theme

User Engagement : Among all key features, this is the last one which keeps user stick to the contents. If you browse magazine style homepage then you will see multiple featured categories in content areas. The “Featured Post” widget shows posts with thumbnails on sidebar. If you go below single post then you will see Focus area which is better place to display Newsletter form, Calls to action or anything.

In addition, you will find Author box with details and next/previous posts below all articles. The “Latest Posts” entries are highlighted below all articles using 4 columns grid. So readers can find many other articles to keep reading on your site. The “Infinite scrolling” feature is used to load more contents with mouse scroll, without reloading the page.

Ajax Auto Loading - Performag Theme

So visitors can keep scrolling on blog page or “Recent Posts” section until they find interesting post. I would like to finish Performag review by saying that it is highly advanced responsive magazine and news theme. It just works on any mobiles or handy devices. So you can pick it to create a content oriented and engaging website.

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