Recipe Card Blocks PRO WPZOOM – Best Recipe Plugin For WordPress

WPZOOM has just introduced Recipe Card Block which is a best WordPress plugin for recipe writers. This is best plugin for recipe makers who wants to post cooking steps using clean and creative layout. The listings will provide space to share item photos and videos to show everything in real action. This is ideal plugin for all food blogs having target to share nice food ideas.

Recipe Card Blocks Review Demo – Best Recipe Cards Plugin for WordPress

We have seen many food lovers searching for niche focused blogs to learn different food dish items. This recipe plugin is freely available with limited features since long time. But, developers decided to create a PRO version with many extended premium features. Visitors can read post contents easily and also take recipe print with special print option.

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Recipe Card PRO Blocks Review :

Multiple Recipe Styles : WPZOOM has integrated many different styles for recipe cards. Hence, bloggers can easily create unique showcase for all their recipes. The listing options provide support to define custom style to show everything. Admin user can easily choose recipe block to display information with selected blocks.

These drag and drop blocks will display Ingredients, Directions, Print Recipe buttons and lots of other information. The style decides how reader will feel while browsing recipe posts. Site owners are given full controls to select contents and styles used to promote recipes.

Recipe Card Style - WPZOOM Recipe Plugin

Recipe Video : Recipe Card Blocks WordPress plugin integrates a nice video section with listings. These videos are easily found by search engine results page. It also works with plugin to boost visitors by showing rich snippets in SERP. Videos have become primary media content for marketing. If you use video to show recipe process then visitors will enjoy learning and love to browse more contents.

Recipe Video - Recipe Card Blocks PRO

Suitable For All : Food bloggers can only create contents and can;t work with coding process. You don’t have to write codes to create attractive recipes While working with Recipe Card Blocks PRO. Creating interactive articles is really easier with Gutenberg editor. The ready blocks helps you arrange contents in proper order while showing a real preview.

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Advantages Of WPZOOM Recipe WordPress Plugin :

Star Rating : The star rating system will show popularity for each post listed on your food blog. This star rating will help site visitors to browse most popular recipes. Apart from that, star rating will appear next to recipes in search results too. Visitors will come to your site when they see ratings and featured video thumbnail on search results page.

Star Rating - Recipe Card Blocks

Schema Markup : Food magazine sites mostly try different methods to increase number of visitors on the website. This is best plugin to get many social shares, and high search ranking. The recipes will provide Schema markup support so that social network sites and search engines can easily promote your recipes with all details. This feature will increase views, shares and readers for your food blog.

Recipe Card Blocks plugin is developed to meet new SEO needs. Modern bloggers will never face any issues when it comes to impress readers or top search engines.

Schema Markup Responsive Preview - Recipe Plugin for WordPress

Flexible : If you already have a food blog or recipe website then no worries. This plugin supports any WordPress theme without any restrictions. For those people who are starting new food blog are advised to buy Foodica or Cookely. These are two best recipe WordPress blogging theme on WPZOOM store.

Why Recipe Card Blocks Plugin – Final Thought :

Responsive : If you check visitor’s report for any website then maximum number of people user mobiles. This plugin has responsive feature to help bloggers get all types of visitors. It works for smart phones, iPad, tablets and all other devices. If you check demo on mobile then it shows each recipe post very clearly.

Regular Updates : You might consider this as a common benefit but we will want to cover it in our talk. WPOOM delivers regular updates to support all new WordPress versions and fix bugs. Apart from that, food magazine sites can keep their platform secure from any threats. All license includes benefit of future updates.

Recipe Template Options - Recipe Card Blocks

Quick & Friendly Support : The technical team always provides help to premium users. You can always seek fast support for any trouble or questions that might arise in setup process. If you have strong product support then it will reduce expense required to hire programmer or web administrator.

Thanks to tutorials guides and integration of advanced features which makes this a best plugin for recipe writers. Just buy and try it, or check live demo to get the real feel of all the recipe listing features.

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