Dulcis Demo Zigzagpress : Genesis Child Blogging Theme

Dulcis is a magazine WordPress theme for genesis framework by Zigzagpress. For better idea, we would recommend to take look at live demo. This genesis child theme has revised the meaning of content platform with it’s advanced layout. If you go over homepage then we can see a masonry grid and good space around grid sections.

Apart from that, it keeps good balance between speed and and readability with it’s advanced design.

Minimalis Theme Review – Zigzagpress

Dulcis Screenshot - Genesis Child Magazine Theme by Zigzagpress

What Is Best About Dulcis Genesis Blogging Theme ?

I have reviewed many blog templates and found all these features in those themes also. But it was difficult to see all these features in single theme. Zigzagpress has tried to add maximum flexibility using modern development concept. If you browse a few posts or pages then you will surely a great page loading speed. Whether you add a single image or multiple media items, all articles will load as same speed.

If we talk on SEO then it requires you to follow some rules and certain features in web design. Search engines check website for better internal connectivity, and compatibility. Dulcis theme already has a custom top navigation menu where you can link important sections. The light weight theme layout will keep your site loading faster in all conditions.

Another remarkable feature is responsive design that covers all devices. The theme supports tablet, smart phone and all devices that is used to access internet. If you check this theme on small screens then it shows a nice adaptive preview. When you resize window size then you will novice that featured grid, header menu and all contents gets resized to fit on destination view port.

This is the reason why all modern bloggers and content marketers would prefer this genesis magazine theme.

Dulcis WordPress Theme : Customization Features

Custotmizer : Setting a blog theme with genesis panel is very easy, even for a novice. You must install Genesis framework before yo setup child theme. Once you are done with this process then you will see many options in WordPress customizer. The customizer helps you to change the look and style of your website with a few clicks.

The logo and favicon uploader provides quick way to generate perfect identity for your blog or magazine platform. A journal site is mostly used to share articles so that people can come to read information. Therefore, you must choose right typography style to create nice reading experience. The font style section gives you option to change heading, body, widget, menu and other fonts.

Dulcis Homepage - Masonry blog

you can not only edit font type but also change size, weight and font family from give list. If you love colors then Dulcis theme has nice color selector. Just pick any color skins for your website to match your logo or personal choice. The color skins selection depends on niche, branding or bloggers personal taste.

In-short, any one can launch an online magazine website using genesis options. Thanks to live WordPress customizer that includes all options in single panel. It shows changes in live mode so administrator can see the effect of changes. Most of the WordPress users prefer to buy easily customizable theme. Because it can save time taken and avoids need to hire programmer.

Dulcis Zigzagpress : Magazine Theme

Navigation : This WordPress blog template is developed with 2 navigation options. So you can choose to use one or both location to display custom links. Menu section helps you to create custom menus and assign them to desired location. The Primary Navigation Menu is visible just below the header section. So whatever you add here becomes visible to the user instantly. Demo shows Home, Contact and page template links.

The secondary menu is visible on the left with a navigation button. This menu is integrated with a hamburger style button that is found in mobile apps. So user can view all links by clicking menu button which shows it in full-screen overlay style. The full screen style hides everything on screen and shows all links in wide mode.

Dulcis Menu and Header

This is best place to display all your main blog categories, page links and custom widgets. The 2nd menu is know as “Sticky Menu” which always remains visible on the top of the website. So user see all it’s links even when they scroll down or up side. Furthermore, header shows logo and tag-line in the middle of the page. It can show search icon on the right side so user can search content from header area.

Masonry Grid : The traditional blog layout is found everywhere so readers need something new. That’s why Dulcis WordPress theme provides a custom grid layout that uses masonry style to showcase all blog posts. This grid shows a little excerpt preview and featured thumbnails in dynamic size. So user will enjoy browsing posts on your site.

Final Conclusion :

When you scroll to the bottom of the page then you will see “Load More” button. This pagination is supported by Ajax which shows more posts without loading entire page. You just click that button and it loads previous posts on the bottom of the page. This modern pagination improves browsing speed and improves user experience.

As you check full post preview from demo then you will be amaze to see big titles on the top of each article. As you scroll down and finish viewing all contents then you will see “Related Posts” below article. The related posts block automatically shows articles from relevant topics.

Dulcis Related Posts

Hence, readers can switch to other posts directly from same article. If you are looking forward to build a unique and reader friendly magazine or blog platform then go for this genesis theme.

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