ChicShop BluChic – eCommerce Shop WordPress Theme for Women

We have seen variety of eCommerce shop templates, But ChicShop is one of the best for girly stores. BluChic has introduced it for a female entrepreneurs to start business website to sell online goods. The dynamic page layouts can easily setup a website with shop page, service page, blog, contact and many other pages.

ChicShop Review - Bluchic Feminine WordPress Theme

The schema integration and proper navigation system makes it a best SEO friendly store to sell online goods. This premium feminine shop WordPress theme provides support for various niche to sell beauty, cosmetic, health, cloths and other items. The package is fully supported by one of the best page builder for WordPress and an eCommerce plugin to manage store operations.

Chicserve Review – Bluchic

ChicShop WooCommerce Theme Features :

WooCommerce : This plugin is developed for WordPress sites and it can work for all types of goods sellers. The shopping cart options provides many payment options, product listing post types, custom widgets, layouts and more. Therefore, you can configure multiple payment gateways to sell online goods across the world.

You don’t have to know the coding or hire cart programmer to manage eCommerce site. Any small stay home mom or professional women business person can start selling goods by spending normal budget.

WooCommerce Store Plugin for Female - BluChic WP Shop Template

Shop Page : All the listed items are commonly visible under shop page and you can further browse them by category also. The shop page can have full-width, left or right sidebar layout. The shop offers sort options, pagination and grid layout to show many items on single page. If you decide to enable sidebar for shop page then it can show price filter, store categories, latest items, offer banners etc.

Shop Page Features - ChicShop

Feature Announcement : ChicShop can apply custom tag like “SALE” to display items in offer in unique style. Visitors can see feature tag with every item visible on product archive listing pages. It can boost sales for items available on offers or with discount. Thanks to responsive design that shows store items, home sections, menu, shop and cart pages on small screens.

Feature Announcements - Chic Shop BluChic

eCommerce WordPress Theme Options – BluChic :

Listing Options : Product listing module has options to apply lots of variations while selling items. The variations may include size, shape, color, weight etc. The single product page has photo gallery section with options to add infinite images. Sellers can choose on default image that is used as featured element.

Other details that is included with listings are price, return / ship policy, product description etc. Breadcrumb and category links are displayed with all single product page for better navigation.

Product Listing Preview - BluChic Girly Store Theme

Related Product : This particular feature proves to be helpful to reduce bounce rate and boost sales. Blogs mostly use related posts feature to get their readers to read more stories. Same way, online shop websites have also started using same method to display related items. The listings show related products in bottom side with thumbnails, item name and price.

This feature enables visitors to check more items from relevant categories. ChicShop has many options to boost sales while showing contents in clear effective style.

Related Products - ChicShop

Ratings and Reviews : Products will show a tab where user can provide rating from 1 to 5 start. Reviews box provide past shoppers to write comments about product quality or their experience. You must know that listings having high ratings is likely to get more sales compare to fresh items. If people write positive reviews and offer high rating to certain products then it creates trust in new buyers.

Review and Ratings - ChicShop

ChicShop BluChic Homepage Review :

Elementor Support : The homepage is capable to display slider, featured posts, categories, contacts, products on sale and more. The builder sections provide a way to show pages and posts with few clicks. You can also promote top benefits of store, contacts, testimonials, offer banners, and lots of detail on homepage.

WordPress has become extra flexible after the introduction of page builders. BluChic has integrated top WP builder plugin to offer easy page building support. You can move home sections to any order, or add / remove them visually with drag and drop support.

Elementors Homepage Builder - ChicShop

Header Bar : The middle header uses wide space to show search box, logo and cart icon from left to right order. Logo looks perfect with tag line in middle area. The top bar works as a notification place to promote latest offers or messages using custom text lines. Main navigation menu makes it’s space in bottom header area to show links for shop, categories, blog, home and all pages.

Header - ChicShop

Blog Layouts : Female store owners can start blogging to get visitors on their fashion store. The blog has 5 layouts that uses list style and columns grid. A fashion or feminine store can share niche related ideas or tutorials to attract traffic. Once visitors come to your site to learn about some feminine topics then you can cross promote products by placing links within articles.

Blog - ChicShop Theme

I suggest all girls, women, moms and female business people who start online store with BluChic eCommerce theme. It takes little time and WordPress familiarity to start selling crafts, ebooks, cloths, tutorials, beauty items and other goods. You can also create your own store like Etsy and Ebay to earn good revenue.

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