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Andros is a best accommodation WordPress theme for resorts, hotel and all other similar businesses. CSSIgniter has just released this theme with many advanced listing and customization features. If you need an online presence for your hotel business then it is for you. The theme design keeps your site in top rank with SEO based coding and design work. If you check homepage then it shows the wide possibilities to target more customers.

Andros CSSIgniter – Hotel WordPress theme for Resorts

I have reviewed many WordPress hotel templates and this is one of the best among them. Let me give you a brief review to prove it can be right choice for any hotel or resort related portals.

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Why To Go for Andros WordPress Theme ?

Before we talk about top features let me give you idea on why should you go for this hotel theme ?. The first reason is that you will have support to use all online hotel booking services. So there will be no compatibility issues when you want to add booking management code within booking section. This feature is necessary to bring in lots of booking especially for festival and holiday seasons.

If you really want to increase your business profits then you have to display all rooms on website while providing online booking system. Here, you can either use external service or plugin to manage online bookings, or use contact form to invite booking request. Another good part is custom widgets list which provides you options to setup homepage, footer and sidebar area.

The theme offers custom post types and listing options to manage rooms and testimonials. Andros provides additional shortcodes, and page templates so you can add many pages like About, Contact, Gallery, Videos, Blog and more. In-short, this is complete package to create online hotel and booking website for accommodation niche.

Responsive Hotel WordPress Theme - Andros

The responsive mobile ready layout and simple options panel controls improves browsing and customization experience. If you want to manage hotel business with less headache then this theme the final solution, especially to get online leads.

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Homepage Hero/Widget Options Overview :

Hero Section : The first part and top frontpage region is hero section which can show video or image. You can choose you favourite page layout to show a big streaming video or an image on the top part below header. Page editor offers “Frontpage Template” which shows hero section customization options just below the text editor. This is where you will find options to configure video, custom image along with title and subtitle for hero block.

If you want to use slider then homepage hero can be replaced with a big slider also. Just use slider management options to add contents in slider that shows new rooms, offers, useful blog posts or other stuff. In-short, Hero and slider both are best homepage elements that could easily impress visitors at the first glance. If you place right content in this section then you can involve user into checking best rooms, offers or other best stuff.

Home Intro : The second home section shows text which is integrated into homepage editor. This is idea place to display hotel details, business introduction or calls to action.

Homepage Widgets : Show best rooms listing using custom widgets which are specifically developed for Andros theme. CSSIgniter provides many custom widgets and some of them can be used to populate contents on homepage area. The custom post type widget helps you to display selected posts which could be best rooms list. The widget provides options to add custom title, background and color style also.

Latest Post Type and Testimonials Widget - Andros

Latest Testimonials : This is another widget which shows latest testimonials as per your preference. You can add client’s testimonials by adding name, image and texts (their opinions). Then use this widget to display testimonials on homepage. You can set widget to display certain number of latest posts, or make it show random posts automatically.

Instagram : Use WP Instagram Widget to show all profile photos from Instagram account. You can set widget to show photos on Front Page or Pre-Footer sidebar.

Header and Other Features : CSSIgniter

2 Shortcodes : Andros built-in custom shortcodes allows you to add testimonials and rooms into any pages. If you want to create different homepage then it is good idea to use Elementor builder plugin to create custom pages. You can use shortcodes to drop content section into any pages and also use them with widgets also.

Header Layout : Promote your business using a brand logo that represents your hotel or resort in unique way. With header logo section, you can upload an image to be visible on the left side. The right header is primary navigation bar which is good place to show page links for blog, contact, booking, and rooms page.

The top header left area has two boxes to add custom texts which could be an email, phone number of other stuff. Header right check box option can enable social media links section and search form.

Header Layout Options - Andros

WPML Support : This feature seems small but it can have big impact on your business leads conversion. This single plugin (free) can turn your site into multilingual portal which can be read in different languages. You can install WPML WordPress plugin to add other language listing options on top header right area. So user can read website in default (English) language and choose other languages to view your site in other available languages.

Full-Control : Hotel websites should be manageable by simple user who just knows computer and WordPress basic. Therefore, CSSIgniter always provides simple visual options panel and controls on back-end area. This theme offers custom visual controls and preview box in customizer. So you can manage colors, fonts style

A non coder user can also manage customization, content listing and website setup process. Many thanks to CSSIgniter for providing custom widgets, shortcodes and page builder options.

Customizer Control - Andros

Adding Rooms Page and Listings :

Andros WordPress theme offers it’s own options and page templates so you can easily add rooms without depending on extra plugins. Let me show you can you can create a special page to show all rooms listings. It takes only a few minutes to create rooms page. Then you can start listing rooms with all amenities, photos, videos and other features.

Create Rooms Showcase Page : You have to create a special page to show suites and hotel rooms before you start listing process. As you select “Room Listing” template from page attributes then you will see listing options within page editor on bottom. The options will show you grid loading effect, Listing columns and other options. So you can define how your contents should load in multiple grid section.

You will have ready options to choose number of columns, base category, masonry effect and items per page. If you choose Isotope layout then you can also enable category filter options so user can view rooms from all or selected categories, like portfolio listing pages.

Rooms Page Options - Andros

Add Rooms Items : In order to add all rooms and suites on listing page, you have to click “Add New” under “Rooms” menu options on back-end. This process will take you to listing page where you can start adding new rooms with photo gallery, amenities, and other elements. The “Room Options” box is found on bottom of listing screen editor which includes 4 tabs. These tabs provides options to insert title, sidebar layout, custom gallery and “Offer” tab to show room available on offer.

Single Rooms Listing - Andros

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