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Vidiho Pro is a very popular video blogging theme by CSSIgniter. Video WordPress theme works for many blog types including sports news, entertainment sites etc. The primary goal of this theme was to create video friendly website without technical knowledge. It has custom video post features, listing page options and many customization features. You will find custom widgets, homepage widgets, builder support, colors and other styling options.

Vidiho Pro Demo - Video Blog WordPress Theme

If you have been searching for a best WordPress theme for video blogging then you must searching process. Just check this review, live demo and product page to get clear idea on it’s unique benefits.

Decorist Review CSSIgniter

Vidiho Pro Review – Blog Theme Features :

HomePage Slider : Let people check the best entertainment videos from homepage top area. The slideshow will add videos with play button so that user can watch video from slideshow. The slides will show title, and navigation arrows to scroll manually. Slider options panel will control timing, auto-scroll mode and everything that is provided within slider.

Vidiho Pro Slideshow

Homepage Options : The frontpage template gives you choices to add featured posts using contents widgets. Built-in page setting options will add a hero section for homepage while giving option to promote posts from any category. Some people choose blog style homepage to promote new post entries in simple style. The sidebar appears as optional area for single post, homepage and other sections.

Vidiho Pro Latest Videos

Frontpage Elementor : Choose this page builder to setup a homepage that shows anything. The CSSIgniter provides Elementor supported custom home widget sections so you can promote videos, categories, pages, call to action, banners and other elements. The builder is secondary option and used only when video websites need a complex structure.

Vidiho Pro Page builder support

Responsive : Vidiho promotes a mobile ready structure that is useful for mobile and other devices users. It resize pages, videos and all contents to fit on the user’s device screen. Just see the mobile preview by resizing browser or use your tablet or smart phone for responsive test. We love everything about this theme from homepage featured style to spacing which improves readability.

CSSIgniter – Best Video Magazine Theme :

Video Listing Page : You must require a unique video listing page to display certain video types on single page. In this case, you can choose video listing template and them use custom options provided below editor to select base category, grid spacing style, and grid loading effect. The listing page can use 1,2,3 and more columns so that user can view many featured entries in single page.

Category filter is optional feature that is used to sort videos while showing posts from all categories. This page gives you same features that is found with portfolio listing themes and it simplifies content browsing for visitors.

Vidiho Pro 4 Columns Video Listing Page

Post Formats : Entertainment video bloggers can always choose their own way to publish videos. Vidiho Pro WordPress theme provides custom choice to publish video from Vimeo, YouTube by inserting link only. If you don’t trust 3rd party video hosting sites then you can add videos from your own website server from WordPress dashboard.

Single post : We had a look at a couple of video posts from demo and found many extra features. You will see a big featured video on the top of the post. The floating option will show video on the right side of the page when scrolling over the article. This way, user can view video on the right while reading contents or scrolling on the page.

Vidiho Pro - Single Video Post

If you don’t have video then you can choose simple featured image on the top of the page. The social sharing link buttons are provided for single post. Visitors can view good posts and sharing them with other social friends. The related posts option boost overall experience by showing relevant posts. The author promotion box and comments feature will make entire single post layout more appealing.

Vidiho Pro WordPress Theme Conclusion :

Customizing : It would never take long time to edit website layout or content styling. The customizer includes all theme options with preview window for quick customization. Video bloggers can control everything easily without coding experience. The controls will provide access to options fr header, video listing page, color styles, and everything.

CSSIgniter back-end options page also has these options but it won’t show preview. You can select color skins, and font style as per niche requirements. Thanks to simple options that easily controls everything.

Vidiho Pro Customizer

Header Options : This premium video WordPress template shows a boxed style header with floating bar. User can view your video website logo and primary menu bar all time on the top. Just scroll over the navigation options provide drag and drop link selection support.

Vidiho Pro Header

Footer 4 columns : Choose all four or a few columns to display widgets in footer. Footer looks great with all widgets like Social links, Instagram, Recent posts etc. The “Bottom Bar” options will add custom text link and social navigation bar to boost followers. The search engine friendly design, fast page loading speed and easy updates are really effective.

Vidiho Pro Header Footer

If you start a video game review blog, comic content posting website or free tutorial sharing blog then it is for you. Many people use ready videos from Youtube and other sites to generate ad-sense revenue. Video websites need little text content with video posts for SEO ranking. If you make authority website for certain content topics then it can generate lots of affiliate revenue or ad income.

You can use footer to stuff useful widgets to share contacts, links, disclaimer links, or whatever is required.

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