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InStyle is a truly beautiful versatile WordPress theme by Elegant Themes. The theme provides page attribute and custom design options. So you can use it to create a nice photo blogging website or a portfolio showcase site. Whether you need a small business site, journal site or a personal website, it is for every one. Background image feature is the key of this WP theme which keeps visitors focused on your site.

InStyle Demo - WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes

So it is ideal solution for designers, creative bloggers and those people who wants to use image as main attraction. We salute Elegant Theme designers for developing such a nice theme that smartly balance content and background slideshow without affiliating readability.

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InStyle WordPress Theme : Features

Front-Page Slideshow : The home slideshow provides you ability to display posts and pages with featured image. If you check frontpage demo then it shows a background slider with custom title, text and links. This is home slider setup from back-end slideshow panel. You can assign posts by selecting category or select pages for slider.

You will see “ET Settings Panel” below editor screen while adding pages and posts. This options box includes custom fields to insert custom title, description and featured link. Once you insert details in those fields then you will be able to see slideshow running on the background area for homepage. There is one more box which is given to insert image links for slider.

Home Slider - InStyle

3 Blurbs : Most of the elegant WordPress themes offer home blurb sections to display featured posts and pages. InStyle Theme provides custom options to link these featured sections to desired pages or posts. Mostly business people choose to link them to service, portfolio, about and other pages. If you start a blog then you can connect them to category or other content sections.

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Homepage Blurbs - InStyle

Other Best Features : Elegant Themes

Cool Header : You must look at demo to know why this theme looks cool. The header shows navigation menu, search box and logo which are common elements. But, transparent header background style is the unique part which keeps images visible. So background images will be fully visible to the readers while browsing header elements.

InStyle Header Style

Background Image/Rotator : I already told you that InStyle provides custom background support. Hence, yo should be able to apply static image or a slideshow for any page and post. The theme shows an options box below editor screen so you can insert links for images. If you add single image link then it will see display a static image as background. If you insert multiple image links (with commas) then it will automatically display them as rotating image slideshow.

While reading content, you will see that background images looks very attractive while keeping good balance between text and other elements. The images that you see in demo are not included in package, so you have to use your own images for background. Though, you will find a few landscape photos so those people who don’t have any images can begin easily.

ET Settings Slider Options - InStyle

InStyle Final Words :

Blog Post : On checking blog section, you will find that all featured posts are shown using “Drop Cap” style. The drop cap shows first text of first paragraph in large size just like magazines and newspapers. So yo will find nice options to show your articles in appealing way. The blog featured preview can display excerpt, images and Read more link.

Also you will see widget areas, custom widgets and shortcodes list to develop creating posts and pages. The background entire screen with image and slideshow, still it maintains good page loading speed. Thanks to Elegant Themes developers for using modern coding skill to maintain page loading performance.

Post with background - InStyle

All Customization features are included in single options panel board. So you need a little time to setup home sections, color style, typography, slideshow, background and other stuff. We recommend InStyle to stylish bloggers, photographers and those people who wants to promote business or contents using imagery.

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