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Explorable is a GeoDirectory WordPress theme introduce by Elegant Themes. The theme let’s easily develop Google Maps & Location directories where you can add various listings. For e.g. you can start a travel listing directory, restaurant directory or create multi-purpose website. The purpose of this theme is to provide you Google maps as key entity to shows all listings using PinPoint.

Explorable Review by Elegant Themes - Location WordPress Theme

So user can easily view listings for selected category directly on map and browse details from listing post. This location-based theme can prove helpful to any one who wants to create a geo-location directory website. It has built-in features like Google Maps API support, Rating options, Directory search/filter options and more.

So visitors should never have to waste much time to find right listing. The full-width map preview creates visually stunning preview on user’s screen. So user can see all listings in clear way that relates to their preference. Let’s check out show you can manage and take benefit of this google maps directory theme.

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Responsive - Location WordPress Theme

Easy Listing and API Key Integration :

As I said that Explorable theme is developed to use Google maps to highlight all your listings. So it becomes necessary to know how maps point-point and listing system works. The theme will require “Google Maps API Key” to use the google maps. The process is very easy, still documentation guide will explain you all steps on how to generate API Key in few moments.

ET Settings - Listing Post Type Options by Explorable

Once you obtain API key, then you have to insert it into “Google Maps API Key” under theme options panel. When you complete this step, then you are ready to create new location-based listings. Once you have setup theme properly then you will see “Listing” options within WP Dashboard. This option will show you custom post type to make business or any type of listings.

Within custom post type screen, you will find extra settings into “ET Settings” box, which is located right below text editor. This listing option box helps you to add Description, Address, Location and Rating. The theme requires Longitude and Latitude coordinates to place a pin on the map. ET options box will ask you to drag and drop location pin and then it will automatically detect Geo coordinates. Finally, it will automatically generate Longitude and Latitude values to display your listing on the Google Map.

Explorable Listing Post - Preview

Elegant Themes has given option to add “Types” for each listing, which is then used in search/filter process. You can just create a unique type category and assign specific types to each location. So visitors can easily locate restaurants, gyms, tourist locations and other stuff on map. You can also categorized each location by custom tags which is then used as a filterable category on homepage.

Same way, you can fill out ratings (by administrator) and other details from ET settings page. It requires only little time to create listing with ready post type. A novice user can manage listing and all other back-end tasks. Thanks to Explorable WordPress theme for providing user friendly options which works for non programmers also.

Explorable GeoDirectory/Maps Theme : Features Review

Interactive Map : Once you have added listings from custom post type then you don’t have to worry about content presentation. The theme shows all your listings using highly interactive map which is sown in wide full-width mode. The map shows stylish Pint point icons and information box on the left of the map screen. You just click on any point point from map and it will load listing post details like title, rating, date, details.

Explorable Listing Preview with Google map

Navigation arrows are also displayed on the both side of listing information box which helps user to navigate and see detail of next listing. I am not sure if words are enough to explain this feature of not, but I would still suggest browsing demo and view listings yourself to get real experience of this feature.

Alternatively, user can also see listing results using “Toggle List View panel”, located on the right. The map will show button to access toggle listing mode which shows all listing details in featured style.

Map Listing Preview - Explorable Frontpage

Search and Filter Board : The homepage is entirely occupied by maps and bottom section shows a special module for search and filter process. So visitors who arrives on your site (front-page) can start searching for their favourite locations or listings.

The search bar provides ready options based on listing created by administrator. So visitors can choose preferred listing type All or any one (Location spot, Restaurant) listing type. The second option list shows Locations list where you can select all or custom location.

Search Filter Options - Explorable Elegant Themes

And finally “Rating List” shows all possible ratings from minimum (one) to maximum (5). This is good way to find out best listings which has been given high rating. Let me tell you that Explorable allows visitors to provide ratings from their experience. And visitor based rating can create more trust than only admin based rating system.

Final Words : Elegant Themes

Whether you start a map based business directory, travel directory or local listing site, you need responsive feature. Then only you can allow visitors to browse maps and listings from handy devices. The modern travellers and users are mostly using tablet, iPad and smart phones for daily needs. And that’s why our website should always work fine when it comes to support small or different types of screen sizes.

This responsive maps listing site is best solution to create a modern and user friendly directory portal. You can further optimize it for profit by adding adsense banners in return of free listings, or you can sell premium listings to business owners. The Blog, Shortcodes, custom page attributes and all default features are also provided which is default part of all Elegant Themes package.

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