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Introducing Origin : A creative WordPress theme for creative artists and bloggers. It is a responsive theme by Elegant Themes that includes advanced features for portfolio, blog and personal websites need. To be more specific on usage, I would say that any one can try it who needs a unique grid style layout to display latest posts. Whether you want to display gallery posts, blog posts or portfolio projects, it is one solution to display everything.

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Origin Demo - Elegant Themes Blog Gallery Theme

Many bloggers search for creative blog templates when they are tired traditional blog layouts. And this theme comes to rescue when you want to revise blot or photo-showcase platform without breaking current website structure. The built-in options helps you to replace old WP theme with new one easily.

Top Features List : Origin Elegant Themes

Left Header Panel : You might have seen header area on the top of area with most of the websites. But this theme will break that tradition by providing a left navigation panel which shows all header elements on the left side of the screen. You might have noticed that header elements are only visible when user is located on the top area. Only fixed header keeps top header visible during the page scroll event.

Header Left Panel - Origin WordPress Theme

But Origin WordPress theme includes a vertical header layout that shows logo image, navigation links, and custom widgets on single region. So user can easily find menu links, and access widgets list. This layout only works for desktop devices having large screen. The left header automatically shifts to the top of the screen as you load it from mobiles or other devices having small screen.

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Responsive Preview - Origin Blog Portfolio Theme

Homepage Layout : Tradition blogs mostly shows list of recent posts using excerpt and thumbnails. But it is not compulsory any-more, Now you can show all blog posts, or gallery items with a grid based page which puts imagery in main focus. Hence, you can attract visitors to browse many posts by developing image saturated homepage.

As you scroll over the bottom, it will keep loading previous posts automatically using Ajax mode. Hence, no hassle to manually load contents using numbered pagination button which eats more time. The homepage will keep loading content without page-refresh, until it finish loading all contents. This is great way to keep visitors loading posts until they find something worth reading.

Ajax Infinite scroll - Origin Theme

Other Features : Origin WordPress Theme

Featured Post Style : The homepage shows featured thumbnail grid to highlight all fresh blog posts. But user can still view post title, detail and full page link by hovering mouse on particular grid box. If you check out screen-shot below then it shows 2 preview with default mode and mouse-hover effect. User have to place mouse on featured entry to find detail or access full post.

The demo homepage shows blog post entries, but you can also choose to show-off gallery, portfolio projects or other stuff. The responsive design takes care of everything and offers same browsing experience while scrolling navigation, featured post or other sections.

Featured Post - Origin Elegant Themes

Custom Header Image : Elegant Themes Origin was released to be visually appealing for creative bloggers. That’s why it uses imagery everywhere on homepage, posts and all sections. Right below the post/page editor, you will find “ET Settings” box to upload big thumbnail. Once you provide a link for thumbnail then it will automatically show that image in header area. It is recommended to use ” 1500x400px” size image to fill entire header in proper way.

Custom Header Image - Origin Elegant Themes

Theme Customizer : This was the first theme on Elegant Themes collection which started using Customizer. This is best WordPress feature that uses easy mode to edit and customize websites. The customizer shows all theme options with instant preview. Origin customizer provides options to access pre-defined color skins list. Also, it includes colors options for sidebar background sidebar border, menu background and drop-down menu link. If you believe in best readability then it has custom Fonts panel.

Origin Theme Customizer

Hence, authors can select custom fonts for body and header. This way, your articles will look awesome while browsing text paragraphs. I recommend all photo bloggers, artists and modern bloggers to try out this multi-purpose journal theme.

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