Elegant Themes Aggregate Demo : Magazine Style WordPress Theme

Aggregate is a stylish WordPress blogging theme with magazine style layout, released by Elegant Themes. This theme gives you a unique homepage layout where you can show-off multiple posts from different categories and recent posts also.

Hence, any one can select it to create news type website or simple blog platform. The theme shows options for background patterns, typography, header and other areas. So different bloggers can set any layout that fits to their choice.

Aggregate Elegant Themes - Magazine Style WordPress Blog Theme

If you start a fashion blog then you can choose stylish color and cor technology blogs, you can pick elegant or any desired colors. The theme has custom panel, widgets and documentation guide to help you setup blog easily. So extra budget is required to hire programmer or web master.

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Top Features Details : Aggregate Elegant Themes

We have seen many premium and free WordPress blog templates and most of them have similar problem. Those stylish blog templates would provide you nice look, but they fail to deliver performance. This magazine theme maintains best loading speed that is required to get good results. The browsing speed is not just good for SEO but also for user experience. You can not impress visitors unless you give better speed and content navigation system.

This blog WordPress theme has multiple navigation options on header area, so you can display links for all top pages and blog categories. Apart from that, you can also add recent posts, categories, and other links or elements into widget areas. The sidebar and footer both has free space to show-off banners, custom links or whatever you need to highlight.

Aggregate Header Preview

Aggregate header has best design which shows top menu along with search widget. The logo is placed in the middle which is supported by optional tag-line. The bottom shows another menu which is called primary navigation and it is good place to add links for top categories. Just within a little time, you can easily select plain or pattern for background area.

Also you set font style for body and headings. Same way, you can apply right color skin from the list provided by developers, or create more colors as you like. The ePanel (back-end options) will show you custom tabs to setup slider, home sections, and everything for website. So you will be using visual customization mode which is considered as the most user friendly way to create website.

Homepage Features : Aggregate Blogging Theme

Attractive Slideshow : Whenever you visit homepage demo, you will see instantly attraction towards top slider. That’s why all premium blog templates are integrated with sliders. Elegant Themes has unique slider options so you can pick any blog posts for home slideshow. The homepage slider can be instantly setup by just selecting categories from the list. It then shows featured image (full-size), Text overlay box (transparent background), and custom links to full post.

Slideshow Aggregate Elegant Themes

It rotates slides in automatic mode and also shows navigation arrows for manual transition. You will see slider thumbnails list on bottom of the slider box which shows current slide point. You can also click any thumbnail from the list to see that slide instantly in the slider preview box. The slider can show pages or posts from your website, so you have to define everything from slider options page. It includes ready options to define your preference for home slider.

Home 3 Widget Sections : This homepage block is provided with 3 widget blocks so you can show recent articles from top categories. Elegant Themes has developed “ET: Recent From Widget” so you can add them to home sections and show recent posts. Once you add this widget into right location (from Appearances Widget Page) then you can select category and it will automatically pull recent posts.

Hence, it will show couple of new posts with small thumbnails, title (linked to source) along with full category page button on the bottom. So visitors can easily find best articles list as they come on homepage. Please note, this is flexible widget area so you can add “ET: Recent From Widget” or any other widget of your choice.

Aggregate Homepage Widget and Recent Post Sections

Recent Articles : Aggregate WordPress theme shows most recent articles list on the bottom area which is default part of this blog template. The slider and widget sections are optional, but this section is available by default. It shows stream of all recently released posts along with numbered pagination bar on the bottom. So visitors can easily find fresh articles list with “Read more” link.

Monetization and Widgets Options :

Advertisements Options : All news, blog, magazine and journal websites use some income stream. That’s why, Aggregate theme brings it’s own ad management options. The theme let’s you show banners on the top and bottom area of the posts and pages. You can display banners into single posts, category posts, footer, sidebar and many other areas.

Bloggers will have to visit Widgets page to configure banners for desired sections. Widget management page will show you several advertisement widget areas, so you can easily insert banners. These are some of the Ad sections found in product detail page : 468×60 Top Ad, 468×60 Bottom Ad, 728×90 Leader-board etc.

Aggregate advertisements options

In order to configure Ad into each of these ad spots, just drag the “ET: Ad Block” into preferred Ad spot. After that, you have to fill details like Image URL, Image path etc. You can also display small 125×125 ads unit on sidebar with the help of ET Advertisement widget. This way, you can earn revenue from Adsense and other Affiliate or advertisement program.

Custom Widgets : The Aggregate theme has bunch of basic and custom widgets so that bloggers can promote their articles easily. The the “recent videos” and “photostream” are two main widgets which help you to optimized footer and sidebar. Recent videos widget can highlight all posts which is integrated with videos. In order to show videos in widget, you have to add video URL into et_videolink custom field.

Aggregate Widgets - Recent Videos and Photostream

Same way, Photo Stream widget also gives you best way to show-off selected posts using thumbnail gallery. It shows post thumbnails list from selected category. The recent posts widget shows only title, but this widget uses image to attract visitor’s attention. This is best magazine blogging theme ever which includes user friendly options and responsive design.

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