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Lucid is a WordPress theme for bloggers and writers who need magazine websites by Elegant Themes. The theme performs great job of showing content in best style with clutter free layout. The perfect design with strict grid layout offers better way to promote featured articles in better way. Thanks to responsive layout which provides support for all devices with small, landscape and different sizes.

Lucid Elegant Themes - Blog Magazine WordPress Theme

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Modern Features : Lucid Elegant Themes

Featured Slider : The home featured slider is setup with to display two elements : pages or posts. You can populate tabs to display selected pages or posts by selected a category. If you don’t select pages then slider automatically starts displaying posts. When you decide to promote pages in slider then you get a chance to choose each page by yourself.

Slideshow - Lucid Theme

Most of the time, magazines or news websites choose “Featured Category” for slider and then it automatically promotes those articles assigned with that category. The slider shows tabs with titles so user can easy check all slides. The navigation arrows is available with slider so user can move to next slide in any direction. Thanks to featured slider that shows featured images and custom titles to promote best stories, offers and important page sections.

Home Video Slider : Lucid WordPress theme has been introduced to promote your best stories with media slider. That’s why it provides a video slider that would promote top entertainment or sports related news with video. A custom post format is available to publish videos easily, and this post format ins found within “Format” box while creating new post. The video publishing module just ask you to copy and paste a video URL and then it is automatically promoted within video section on homepage.

Recent Videos - Lucid Elegant Themes

The home video slider section shows tabs with thumbnails and a view port where you can view and play selected video. At the same time, user can browse more videos with a link attached on the top right corner of the section. Thanks to home video block that shows recent videos in attractive style. This is really good feature to promote latest movie trailers, game demo, music albums or sport videos.

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Why Lucid WordPress Theme for Blogging ?

Flexibility : When you choose a WP theme for news, magazine or blogging websites then it should have flexibility and SEO ready structure. Without these features, you can never get freedom of content posting and traffic flow. Elegant Themes developers have used all best coders and web designers to develop such a structure that would show all featured stories by taking little loading time.

Responsive Lucid Blog Theme

You will see homepage demo showing sliders, and featured stories using various content blocks. The flexible homepage blocks are helpful to promote best categories, latest posts, videos and other stuff. If you learn WordPress basic and have passion to publish engaging article then it doesn’t need much.

Recent From Module : This section is found on homepage below slider having 3 blocks to display recent posts. You can simply choose to display recent post links with small thumbnails using custom widget called “ET: Recent From Widget”. This home widget section is managed from widget area sound under Appearances.

Once you have configured widget then you can select a category for each section and start showing latest post entries.

Recent Post Modules - Lucid Homepage

Widget Areas : Lucid WP theme has widget areas available in sidebar and footer area. You can just drag and drop widgets for footer and sidebar and promote best stuff. Custom widgets are available to promote banners, recent posts, social media links and more. Widget sections are used to share custom menu links, magazine categories, author details, and more.

Widgets List - Lucid News Theme

Other Benefits : Elegant Themes Magazine Blog Theme

Advertisements : The theme has many ad positions which are managed using widgets. There are widget ready areas available on the right side of the screen that would show different Ad units. Simply drag and drop “ET: Ad Block” widget to desired place and it will instantly start showing Ad for selected slot. Then insert Image URL and banner affiliate link.

Thanks to advertisement friendly layout that shows ads for google adsense, and other affiliate and ad programs. News publishers can bloggers can show ads at right place to earn revenue from ad campaigns.

Header Structure : I was really amazed to see tow menus within header area along with logo and other elements. The header top and bottom area shows two menus which covers space to display main page links and blog categories. The menu looks awesome with on-hover effect and colorful highlight style.

Lucid Header and Navigation

The top right menus space shows social links and search box. Middle header space shows logo in center position with big size. Thanks to big and stylish header that covers all scope to promote top level links with multiple menus and drop-down support.

Theme Options : Elegant Themes custom menu options panel is loved by all WordPress users who don’t know coding. Even if you are familiar with coding then you can still use visual panel to easily choose color skins, home sections, page layouts and more. This is best responsive WordPress magazine theme for blogs, news and all content marketing needs.

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