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QAEngine is a premium question answer WordPress theme that is produced by EngineThemes. This theme is is helpful for everyone who wants to create discussion type website. Quora is the best example of this concept which invites people to ask questions and participate in discussion. This type of website can be used to share knowledge for one or multiple topics between different users.

QAEngine Review Demo - EngineThemes Question Answer Theme

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QAEngine WordPress Theme Quick Review:

This premium question Answer theme provides single user type with member registration system. So any new visitors need to register in order to participate in discussion. The built-in options helps user to ask question and get answer for any issue. Same way, user can also create polls to get peoples opinions about certain things like elections, trend or something else.

The listing page allows user to find questions based on topics or other options. Visitors can also search questions and find solution from existing questions page. There are ready forms available for polls and question listings, so user is always at peace. The second best thing is the user friendly panel that helps site owners to manage user’s membership plans, view all questions, and keep track of everything.

Responsive Question and Answer Theme - QAEngine

Back-end has custom post type so user can list questions, pools and manage everything. The Engine Settings panel will help in color settings, website layout and all customization related work. You can earn good revenue by selling premium membership plans which provides user with special benefits compare to free users. So this way, you can invite visitors for discussion and earn revenue from those members.

The concept is win win situation for both site owners and members, so you can easily get success with right website design. QAEngine theme already gives you everything required to create question answer website like demo. You will be happy to use visual options and ready documentation which explains every part easily.

Frontpage and Header Options Review : EngineThemes

The website welcomes visitors with nice interactive header that is visible on home and all other pages. We like the flexible header that shows lots of stuff on single row. If we begin from the left side then it shows Logo, Search Box, and finally a navigation menu. So this is best part to let visitors find questions with search options from any page and link to blog, and other pages easily.

QAEngine homepage starts with a “Bar” that shows “Ask Question” button in bold style on left side. The right side of the same bar shows tabs section so user can view latest questions, or check them based on votes or those questions which are unanswered. The homepage featured question entries are shown with bold title, category list, author name and other stuff.

Frontpage and Header Preview - QAEngine

Next to (right) each question, you will find round circles showing figures for total views, answers and votes. These counts will encourage you to browse most popular topics based on the figure count and new user can choose questions accordingly for participation. The homepage uses most of the space to show questions in list view style. So, user can browse more entries with pagination that are visible at the end of (bottom) the page.

The left and right both sides are dedicated for custom widgets. So, you can choose widgets to categories, most used tags, Popular question, Top users, Social links etc. EngineThemes offers a flexible design for header, homepage and all sections that means you can decide how each section will look on your question answer site.

Question Page Preview - QAEngine

The coding free customization process easily help you to assign right color skin, logo, background style, fonts and other stuff.

Back-end options and Questions Listings :

Create Plans : The QAEngine WordPress theme has plans listing options on back-end area where site owners can design various plans. You can define, what each plan will offer, price, limitations, validity and everything. Hence, user can purchase membership plans to get benefit of premium pumps. This feature will pump your question on the upside of the list so that you can get quick answer for your questions.

Mostly, this feature works best when you need urgent solution for some issue. The plans section will help you add custom name, price and you can collect payment through any gateway.

Add Questions and Polls - QAEngine

Listing Polls and Questions : The Question and Answer WordPress themes are mostly visited to seek solutions. Therefore, EngineThemes has offered both options that is mostly found on big question answer websites. The ready form gives user to add all mandatory details like title, category, tags, and content editor with styling tool bar.

The pools listing page provides all these basic listing fields and options to add answer (for choice), end day box. Pools owners can also mark check box to allow user to choose multiple options, or leave it blank to let user make only one choice.

Other Details :

In order to create an interactive platform, QAEngine offers various user badge levels. User will get higher badge as her secure more point, and each badge will give them unique benefits. You can also set privileges for experts so they can edit questions/answers, leave comments, approve answers and participate in voting.

If you check questions page then it shows up and down arrow with all answers which can be use to show if answer was useful or not. If you click up vote button then it adds one point and down button adds negative point. Visitors will find share options, report option (e.g. Abuse, Violating), comments count and reply button with each answer on questions page.

Badge and Point System - QAEngine EngineThemes

The editor box provides all basic tools so visitors can give their answer with links, images, or using other text formatting options. If yo are searching for a responsive question & answer theme then EngineThemes is place to buy premium QA themes.

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