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MicrojobEngine is a best micro jobs theme released by EngineThemes. This WordPress theme can be good solution to create an online marketplace to post small gigs which is done with fixed or small per-decided price. If you compare this with freelancers website then you will see totally reverse concept.

The freelancers site allows job providers to find skilled workers, but micro job website allows workers to list or sell services. So, people can come to micro jobs site to find best skill worker or service provider and choose best one.

MicrojobEngine EngineThemes - Marketplace Theme

MicroJob Engine is popular because it has cloned the same concept from “Fiverr” which was first website to represent this concept. Developers have constantly worked to update this theme with time by taking user’s suggestions.

So, you will get a perfect micro jobs WP theme that offers best listing form, search/filter options, payment gateways support, membership options and more.

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MicrojobEngine EngineThemes Review : Main Features

Best Search & Rating System : This small function can do a big job to help visitors connect to right gig seller. User always comes to micro jobs website with a plan to find gig seller who have necessary skills and good success rate. This is where search box comes into main play to help gig buyer to find all the listings related to search keyword.

Then user (gig buyer) will look at the average ratings and past client’s feed back to see which gig seller is best. The buyer can view profile, gigs portfolio, and watch total jobs done or total jobs in queue. These options can help you finalize the best person to perform your job.

MicrojobEngine - Gig Search Option

Sell Services : When a user sign up as a member then he can either join as a buyer, or seller or both. The seller can add listings from the dashboard adding all details about gigs including title, photos, work samples, price and conditions. So, buyers can always check the gigs information, benefits, limitations, and everything before ordering the gig. Thanks to MicrojobEngine for adding easy listing panel which arranges gig section modules nicely.

Single Listings Features : When you check single gig screen then you will see many other elements besides gigs details. It will show you social sharing buttons, total sales, total reviews, time of delivery, overall rating, seller’s name, biography, contact link, profile link, gig taxonomy list, client’s comments and more.

Gigs screen can also display related gigs that is from the same category or topics. So, user can not just view or order gigs but also check seller’s detail, share it on social sites, check popularity and find other similar gigs.

Listing Sample - MicrojobEngine EngineThemes

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EngineThemes – Micro Jobs Theme Advantages :

Custom Orders : This feature adds extra freedom for buyers can improves earning for sellers. Suppose, you don’t see required gigs package then system allows you to customizer order and send message request to the gig seller. The Seller will get instant notification about custom gigs request which can be found in dashboard area. It will be seller’s choice to accept proposal or reject it if not possible.

Easy Communication : EngineThemes have used best coding skill to offer a communication system with MicrojobEngine. Sellers and Buyers scan exchange messages before starting project or they can also talk live with chatting system. It will boost communication speed while helping users to explain requirement during progressive phase.

Microjob Engine Premium Free Listings

Free / Paid Listings : There are various ways to attract clients on your micro jobs marketplace website. You will have membership section to define free, paid or custom listing plans. Mostly, big platforms provide free listings and then take fixed share from the sellers for every successful gig delivery. You can also do the same or charge fixed price from each listing or sell premium packages with bulk listings.

Payment Options : You are never going to fail if you choose multiple payment options for your marketplace website. This theme provides support for Skrill, PayPal, Stripe, Direct payment and many other payment gateways support. So, people can easily buy and sell gigs from your online micro job marketplace website.

Featured Gigs Category Page - MicrojobEngine

Things We Liked In MicrojobEngine Engine Themes :

Custom Layouts : Microjob Engine is provided with green and blue two layouts so you are going to select any one to start micro jobs listing business portal. The homepage has flexible widget area so you can place job category list (with icon links), Latest jobs and search section. Ajax pagination is also provided to help buyers easily view many listings on the same screen with smooth loading style.

We loved the floating header that keeps your logo and user sign-in links visible all the time. The responsive layout will show navigation links, frontpage sections, single gigs and all areas properly. Thanks to custom menu system that shows all categories with drop-down system so user can directly browse top level gigs.

Responsive Preview - Micro Jobs WordPress Theme

Profile Section : Sellers are free to control services, personal details and everything from their profile page. The dashboard provides users to check pending job, ordered job, make withdrawal, check messages and do much more. Every user who registers with the system will get dashboard access with content management and tacking features.

Interactive Dashboard : MicrojobEngine WordPress theme has interactive dashboard that is assigned to every member. The social log-in system allows user to easily register and log-in to the user’s dashboard. The dashboard is center place to view orders, revenues, analytics data, messages and everything. As an administrator of the micro jobs website, you can define listing plans, withdrawal conditions, sell ad spaces and make passive income.

The success of this type of websites depends on what kind of features, reliability, flexibility and security do you offer. We think, EngineThemes have developed one of the best Fiverr clone Micro job template so far.

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