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ForumEngine is a best discussion forum WordPress theme by EngineThemes. Forget bbPress forum software because this theme has same features and many other benefits. We have seen that many forum templates often ask to use separate 3rd party plugins for core feature which is bad practice. When you are getting fron-end editor with advanced forum management system then why should you go with those unreliable products.

ForumEngine EngineThemes - Forum WP Theme

Forum Engine theme provides you strength to create a professional community site for any niche or various topics. People can come for discussion to post questions and reply topics to express views. Ajax is used for search and loading process to offer a new way to browse contents. I would recommend loading demo and check a few features before reading this review.

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ForumEngine WordPress Theme Review – Speciality :

Post Thread : While front-end controls are already provided then you don’t have to visit back-end to post questions or discussion topics. The content posting form will show you fields to add question/title, details, custom link, photos and other stuff. The thread editor has basic styling controls which are found with WordPress editor. You can post and edit content without navigating anywhere from homepage area.

ForumEngine Post Threads

User Activities : Visitors or Readers can participate in any discussion by clicking reply button. Just post answer for any topic and use font style controls to edit font, insert links and photos. Once you hit reply button then it will be visible with particular thread. Visitors mostly prefer to check topic titles, questions and replies received from visitors.

Most of the forum websites are developed to provide solution for product or any other stuff. Whether you are a software company or individual passionate about creating community site. This WordPress theme has every feature that allows people to post, reply and talk with other members. Like button is available with each thread topics so user can click heart shaped button to express love for any question or answer.

ForumEngine - User Reply

User Badges System : ForumEngine theme has special badge feature which decides level of user. Administrators can define custom badge types and then set rules and benefits for them. For e.g. demo shows these badges – Admin, Customer, Mod etc., and they all have certain freedom and limitations. User can earn points by replying to threads, and posting topics and use those point credits to get promotion with higher badge.

ForumEngine Badge System

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Interactive Features – EngineThemes Forum WP Theme :

Ajax Live Search : This is going to be awesome part of the entire forum website. You must be thinking that search is basic feature provided with all WordPress themes. The search bar is placed within header in middle area, therefore user can notice and user it from any page. The ajax powered search system instantly start showing you similar topics as you are typing in search box. If you type “Engi” then it will show every topic which includes this word somewhere in title.

The list will become visible as you type as drop-down and then you can click on a topic to view it directly on the screen. This how visitors can find all topics related to search query and access them easily. Every featured thread shows details like total likes, total comments, badge type, posting date and more.

ForumEngine Ajax Search Forum Topics

Ajax Load – ForumEngine : We always need pagination for blog, forum and all websites where content display work is endless. You will see new topics on the very top area and older topics will be pushed back eventually. By clicking “Load more” button, you can instantly view more postings within same screen. The ajax never takes you to another page, nor it requires page reload to display contents. That’s why modern web developers use Ajax to display contents.

User experience has become important factor to rating visitors on site for long time. If you improve website loading speed, search system and navigation then you have won half battle. When people stays for longer on your site then it generates many page views and lowers the bounce rate which is good for SEO ranking.

ForumEngine Ajax Load - Community Template

Private Space : Once user post topics then he can see all postings in profile section. Every user have to register to add topics or reply them. The profile section is private space for every member which shows activity details like replies, topics posted, profile editor, current badge and more. The live notification system will inform user about every new activity that happens on website. That means you can now about new followers, new posts etc.

Unique Design and Layouts – ForumEngine :

Simple Design : The homepage and background part looks simple but it is much more powerful than how it looks. User can find every feature on homepage from posting topics to accessing threads. The header looks bold and simple with logo, search section, and login page links. If sidebar is enabled for homepage then it would become good place to display categories, top users, popular topics, and statistics showing total members, threads and replies.

You can pick homepage content layout, pagination style, widgets, header elements, menu links and everything from options page.

ForumEngine Homepage Design

Engine Settings : This forum engine WordPress template provides controls for easy customization. You can set home, header, footer, layouts, font style, color skins, background, SEO and other settings from visual panel. Back-end provides everything required to setup website, badges, thread rules and other stuff. Most of the forum and community website owners user affiliate marketing banners to make revenue.

Mobile Version : People might be using smart phone or handy instruments to find help for some confusion. So, your site should be ready to invite users from any internet access device. You will be able to check forum questions, search module, single post and other elements from any screen types. This responsive design provides lots of benefits from improving SEO rank to getting more visitors.

ForumEngine - Responsive Forum Theme

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