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GoodSite is a gorgeous WordPress magazine theme suitable for news and blogging needs. It is released by HappyThemes with authors and content publishers in mind. We liked it’s versatile frontpage that shows lots of featured posts and categories. If we talk in-terms of design then you will find a highly content rich and still clearly readable layout.

GoodSite Magazine WordPress Theme - HappyThemes Review

Modern bloggers look for light weight and easy to operate WordPress themes with powerful SEO friendly design. You will find exactly those features and many more benefits that we will discuss here.

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GoodSite WordPress Magazine Theme : Overview

Grid / List Layouts : These are the two major layout types that you can use for blog and archive listing pages. The simple list style is used by traditional bloggers to display limited posts in clear style. The grid style uses multiple columns to add many featured post entries in single page. List style layout is likely to show big thumbnails and excerpt compare to grid style.

If you want to show posts in big size then list style is best and grid layout is good when number of posts displayed on single page is important. Both of the will look clear and attractive, so it depends on your choice and website type. Mostly, news and magazine type websites go for grid featured listing style and blog type platforms use list view layout.

Frontpage Review : HappyThemes GoodSite can set a blog or any type of page as homepage. The demo shows a standard magazine type homepage so you can get clarity of how your news or magazine website would look. The homepage top section is named as “Featured Section which shows top featured stories selected by editors. It covers all the width space to display total 3 stories with 1 big on left and 2 stories on right side.

Frontpage Layout - GoodSite Happy Themes

The latest news section is setup with grid style and that’s why it shows blog posts with 4 columns. The rest of the area covers space to display ad banner and custom categories. The news categories are highlighted in separate box with each showing latest updates from respective categories. The category box shows 1 featured entry and other text entries which is good way to show many posts in small space.

Again very bottom area shows “Health” category using grid style. In-short, this is best magazine WordPress theme multiple layouts and dynamic homepage design.

HappyThemes Header / Advertisement Options:

Custom Header : GoodSite is a magazine WordPress theme for modern internet users. That’s why it offers an optional floating header menu that scrolls along with the page. Whether you are scrolling down or up side, you will always see logo (auto resized for small bar) and primary menu bar links. Thanks to the multiple navigation options which shows extra menu bar and social media links on the top bar.

Header Menu - GoodSite Blog Theme

Advertisement Options : Whether it is news site, personal blog or affiliate marketing site, you need a source of income within website. HappyThemes has developed Ad listing options panel with custom code box and Ad slots. So, site owners just need to insert banner or advertisement code in the box and activate desired ad slot. Once you activate ad slot then it will show your banner everywhere on the site.

The ad space includes header, single post, homepage etc. Right ad placement can generate good CTR and high revenue, that’s why you are getting ready ad management options.

Responsive : Why readers should scroll left and right side when you are already getting a fully responsive magazine theme. The modern design will not only offer beautiful layout but also create same content presentation on smallest devices. You can try the demo on your smart phone, iPad, Tablet and all devices to see how it responds to variety of screen layouts.

Responsive Magazine Template - GoodSite WP Theme

It instantly resize navigation bar, featured grid, homepage content sections, and blog posts as per user’s view port size.

Blog and Widget Options : GoodSite Theme

Single Post : Once you start publishing articles then you don’t have to worry about traffic or page-views. The theme itself covers engaging layout and custom single post features to meet all those needs. If you activate “Related Posts” then it will create featured post display from relevant tags or categories. The social sharing buttons can be placed on the top and bottom which creates many shares on social sites.

Both of these features can easily improve page-views and website visitors. The author information box is always visible on bottom area which can have author name, skills, little biography, social links or any details. Threaded comments option will create good discussion point between readers and author.

Related Posts - GoodSite Post Layout

Custom Widgets List : GoodSite WordPress theme covers not only basic but special featured post listing widgets. The widgets can show banners, author details, categories list, social profile links, email subscribe box etc. Apart from that, bloggers can display Latest posts, Most viewed posts, and Popular posts too. Sidebar and footer both are going to be best widget areas to promote contents and banners.

Theme Customizer : HappyThemes always believes in delivering easy solution for content and website management. Therefore, their experts have developed easy to manage options panel with customizer integration. This options panel will load options list along with preview screen to view customization effects live. You can change font style, colors, page layouts, header elements, widgets and everything while viewing them live without saving them changes.

We recommend This magazine WordPress theme to every news agency, blogger and content marketing firm who considers content in primary focus.

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