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MyShare WordPress theme is best blog and marketing solution by HappyThemes. It’s versatile design can help you start a blog, affiliate review site or any content marketing portal in just a few moments. The demo provides a clearly idea that it’s content focused layout can generate many page-views easily. You don’t have to buy extra plugins to create a fully featured marketing or blog website.

MyShare WordPress Blogging Theme - HappyThemes

Just follow the demo sample files and documentation guides to create same clone like demo or you can also change it as you like. Multiple sidebars, custom widgets and responsive layout are top features.

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Why MyShare WordPress Theme For Content Marketing ?

Many blog templates fail to deliver good page loading speed as they are packed with lots of graphics on background side. But, this theme gives you truly minimalist layout that only use clean coding and light weight design. Hence, bloggers can get good loading speed while still adding images and media items within blog posts. The light fast loading speed and SEO friendly layout makes it perfect choice for modern blog platforms.

Homepage Featured Posts : The homepage preview shows that each blog post entry is highlighted with a featured image, title and excerpt. Bloggers can set featured image style, excerpt and other settings from options page. If you check full post or featured post entries then you will see Like button, Social share button, and Comments count.

Sidebar and Featured Post Layout - MyShare Frontpage

Multiple Sidebars : The homepage here comes with two sidebar options so that bloggers can find lots of widget spots. MyShare WordPress theme is only developed with bloggers in mind and that’s why it brings multiple sidebar options. If you enable both sidebars then you will have ample space to share featured post entries, newsletter form, Ad banners, categories list etc.

Many thanks to custom widgets that easily shows most popular posts, advertisement banners, social links and all stuff.

HappyThemes Blogging Theme Options :

Pagination and Footer : As you scroll over the homepage bottom then it will show you pagination bar with numeric buttons. This pagination connects user from homepage to previous posts. Homepage will show a few posts and then user can choose pagination to go onto previous page. The theme has many navigation points so that user can easily browse contents. The header menu, widget areas and homepage pagination are key sections to browse main content sections.

The footer sections covers 3 widget columns space ideal to promote all the widgets that is given by HappyThemes. You can display author detail, contacts, social links and other details into footer.

Footer Widgets and Pagination - MyShare Theme

Floating Header : Just check the demo to see header section and try to scroll to see navigation in floating style. The header top area highlights logo, search icon box and navigation menus so that visitors can instantly find blog posts by keywords. The main navigation menu appears on the bottom of the header which us fixed, not in floating style.

The header top area covers floating menu so that visitors can easily click and open any category instantly.

Header - MyShare HappyThemes

Responsive :

MyShare WordPress theme is responsive for all new devices with different screen sizes. You can turn this theme in dynamic layout to fit onto small mobile screens or tablet devices Just test the demo by resizing browse and see how it looks. The featured posts, images, header navigation, and every section will adjust to your screen on the fly.

MyShare WordPress Theme Benefits :

Theme Options The theme has listed all it’s unique options into customizer, along with live preview support. Bloggers are just required to load the customizer panel on the screen to edit color style, fonts or anything. Once you click on customize button then it will load options for header, single post, typography and styling. This one place will set your header menus, color skins, font style, background, logo and everything.

Blog Post Options : We mentioned blog features earlier in this review, still we will repeat them once more. The full blog posts and featured posts will show sharing links button to access social media sharing links. You can easily spread the best articles on twitter, facebook and all sites that is found in sharing list. The “Like” button adds counting so that new readers can show total likes received by previous readers.

Besides that, you will also see total comments count, commenting options and author detail below blog articles. Related posts section can also be activated to show featured post entries on the bottom area for every article.

Blog Post - MyShare HappyThemes

Advertisement Support : MyShare has custom adsense options panel that will easily promote your banners into single posts, and all ad listing areas easily. You can integrated your blog with any type of monetization programs to earn good revenue. Once you insert Ad code then you Ads will become visible everywhere on the website. Hence, you will be getting good adsense review or affiliate earning.

The sidebar and footer widgets can also display as many banners as you want for extra income. This is best professional looking WordPress blogging theme with elegant and content rich layout.

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