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Stencil is a stylish premium WP blogging theme for women, girls, and tech bloggers by HappyThemes. This WordPress theme is suitable for recipe blogs, travel blogs, and general product review sites. The responsive layout, and easy customization features makes it suitable for all bloggers out there. If you need a blog platform with white background, good spacing and clear typography then it’s here.

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Other features include light weight template design making is more faster even when it shows content heavy pages. The SEO friendly template design and coding boost page load performance while boosting SEO rank easily. This is best WordPress theme for bloggers who write reviews, niche focused articles and tutorials.

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Why Stencil PRO Is Best for Bloggers ? :

Header Section : The top header layout includes everything from social to primary navigation in single panel. Main header space uses wide space to display logo in bigger size. You don’t have to edit any codes to display header colors, fonts and content position. The options page provides all controls to manage logo, navigation menu, and search box.

Stencil Header - Blog Theme

Frontpage : This is definitely a premium blog template with simple layout. But don’t think that it is simple in style because homepage demo proves it all. The top of frontpage area shows 3 featured post entries so that visitors can check best contents fro sticky post. Then begins the latest posts section where first most recent post it highlighted with big thumbnail.

User can browse most recent featured post entries directly from homepage. The excerpt and featured layout highlights all new blog articles in stylish way. The featured post shows date, tags and category links using custom display options. Bloggers can control everything from thumbnail size to excerpt length from back-end area.

Stencil Frontpage

Sidebar : Stencil WordPress theme has optional sidebar available for single post, homepage and archive section. Content marketers can drag and drop Recent posts featured widget, Newsletter form widget, Author bio and other widgets for sidebar. If you display categories, Banner, Social links and comments then it can improve number of readers and followers.

Stencil Sidebar Widgets

HappyThemes – Blogging Theme Features :

We have talked everything about frontpage, header and widget sections above. Now let’s check out single post layout and it’s important features. The featured post shows a large image on the top of all blog articles. Visitors can check each post with big title, breadcrumb and useful taxonomies. Single blog articles can utilize bottom space to display many elements apart from default comment section, and we will check that now.

Author Section : The author bio section looks nice showing round shaped image and contents. It shows all bio section contents with center alignment having photo, description and social media link icons. Readers can get full detail about authors and follow them on social media to get updates about new journals released by the same author. This feature can promote author while creating bonding between readers and writers.

Stencil Author Bio Section

Sharing Options : If you don’t want to spend money on advertisement then Stencil provides best feature. Just enable social sharing options for single post and blog readers will find sharing buttons below all posts. User can just click social buttons and share stories with friends from website directly.

Stencil Social Sharing Single Post

In-Post Navigation : User will see small featured post entries with links to Next and Previous posts on all articles. This post navigation system automatically promotes post links so user can directly go to other posts. I don’t see related post entries with demo but hopefully it should there in features list.

Stencil - Next Previous Articles

Stencil Other Features Review :

Responsive : Try surfing demo on your favorite mobile device or tablet and see how it works. The blog stories, category page, menu bar, and home sections are displayed perfectly on small size devices. You can browse everything including images, links and texts from any device. We found that mobile versions deliver same speed, and reading experience.

Stencil Pro - Responsive Blogging Theme

Customization : The main blog setup work is controlled from options panel provided on back-end side. You don’t have to hire programmer to edit color style, site typography, single post layout or header. Everything is provided with visual options so you can work on that yourself. Just follow theme guides to learn how to setup a unique blog from the scratch.

Footer : Thanks to footer section that provides a wide Instagram section to highlight latest images from social site. People love it when you keep sharing images, and videos on Instagram. You can get blog readers to follow on Instagram by adding social link in footer section. Apart from that, you can insert many extra widgets in the bottom footer area.

Stencil Footer Widget Area

We love this WordPress blogging theme for it’s professional and very elegant layout. If you share news articles on any creative niche then here is the best solution for your blog.

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