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Revenue is a premium WordPress blog and magazine theme from HappyThemes. It is used by all content writers who wants to promote products, thoughts or affiliate reviews. The theme brings a standard as well as modern layout options so that authors can always create unique and highly appealing websites. If we go towards the best but hidden features then we like it’s fast page loading speed which plays main role to secure best SEO ranking.

The elegant background, best font styling options and set of custom widgets are extra benefits that will surely give you good results. Whether you are a business agency with marketing need or a simple adsense bloggger, this is going to be one and only best WordPress blogging theme for content marketing.

Revenue HappyThemes - Magazine and Blog WordPress Theme

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Revenue WordPress Magazine Theme : Features Review

Homepage 3 layouts : We still remember the old days when bloggers had to follow fixed layout or replace template to apply new style. But, HappyThemes provides a versatile frontpage layout features just like all big WordPress themes developers. The layouts section will show you three options including Grid, List and Blog type layout. These layouts will show your latest post entries on homepage in different styles.

So, we always suggest going for any layout as per your goal. Some bloggers want their homepage visitors to see as many contents as possible, so those people are suggested to use grid layout. The grid style uses 2 columns to highlight latest blog post entries. The list layout shows featured post entries in list style with thumbnails on left and excerpt with title on the right side. The blog layout shows featured images and excerpt in stack order, with “Read more” button.

Slider and Fetured Posts - Standard Blogging Theme

I would advise readers to check out the Revenue theme demo to see these layouts in action. The right bottom side has a fixed button known as Back To Top. It is offered with auto scrolling support so user can reach to the top of the website with only one click.

Frontpage Slider : The home slider is going to be a breaking news section to display all the top stories on homepage. The slider is placed on the front and top area within homepage. So, it is probably good place to share best reviews, top articles or any story that deserves attention from all the blog readers. The slideshow has clean and attractive auto scrolling presentation style.

You will see that slideshow will run smoothly in automatic style while displaying title on the bottom and navigation arrows on the both side.

HappyThemes Magazine Blog Features :

Sticky Header Menu : The minimalist header design is what attracts every visitor’s attention easily as they open website. The header left element includes custom logo image that shows text or image as your branding with logo options. The middle portion includes wide space to display navigation menu expanded for the entire space.

The little space on the header right area shows search form to entice readers to find contents by entering search word. The floating navigation menu is available in optional mode but we always suggest blogger to enable it. Because, fixed header menu is always visible to readers when scrolling and this is what makes them browse more blog categories and more articles.

Floating Header Navigation - Standard Theme

Advertisement Options : Revenue WordPress theme is supposed to work for adsense and all sort of bloggers. It will generate good revenue with built-in advertisement features. Bloggers and content marketers can attach Ad system to promote Adsense or affiliate banners easily. The Ad listing module provides enable/disable options so you can insert banners into single posts and other pre-defined locations.

Responsive : Bloggers will never be using extra plugins to add support for mobile compatibility. The built-in responsive design takes only one moment to resize content according to the screen size. Testing theme demo will give you clear idea on how it will resize header menu, sidebar and everything easily. It adjust slider, post contents, header, featured posts, and grid layout in seamless style.

Responsive News Blog Template - Standard

Theme Options and Post Layout : Revenue HappyThemes

Single Post : Just like homepage area, you will see extra features and layout options for single post too. The articles can show custom title, images, and paragraphs which has been added by writers. But, there should be some extra elements to keep user browsing more contents within blog platform. That’s the reason why you will see “Related Posts” feature to view similar posts below articles.

The featured post entries shown under Related posts will easily grab user’s attention. Blogger can set how many posts are going to be shown in this section along tags or categories from taxonomy option. The social sharing options are also available for the top and bottom part to increase page-views. Readers would surely go ahead to share your posts if they find interesting contents. Single post bottom area also has Author detail box and Threaded comments option.

Related Posts and Social Sharing Options - Standard

Theme Customizer : Best way to create a website or content marketing website is to use visual customization mode. That’s exactly what you are getting here in Revenue WordPress Theme. With custom options list and visual preview box, you will be able to bring all changes easily. The options panel list includes color selector option, font styling option, header, navigation, layouts and many options.

Custom Widgets : We have seen many blog templates with only a few standard widgets. But, this theme brings custom widgets to display different types of posts, and custom links. The advanced posts widgets includes options to display mist commented posts, most clicked posts, random posts, recent posts etc. Other widgets includes email newsletter subscribe widget, banner widget, social media widget, categories widget etc.

The sidebar is first and best spot to promote featured posts and banners. The bottom footer section is idea to for contacts, custom menus, and everything that you might find best for this region.

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