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MakeMoney is a WordPress blog theme supported by coupons listing system from HappyThemes. This WordPress theme is used by many pro bloggers for internet marketing. The demo clearly shows that it is made for modern bloggers who wants to create a unique featured homepage section. If you pick best niche and write useful content then you will have great opportunity to earn money by showing relevant advertisements and deals.

The hidden and useful features includes fast speed, SEO friendly theme design, flexible layout and more.

MakeMoney Pro – Premium WordPress Blog Deans Coupon Theme

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MakeMoney WordPress Blog Theme Benefits :

Content Focused Layout : If you go over the homepage demo then it will show you a unique example of content friendly design. The homepage combines extra “Featured” section that shows post entries with ribbons. The featured post section is optional which is given on the top area. You can define particular categories and make latest posts from those areas visible in featured block.

The rest of the homepage space is covered by latest post entries. You can check out the latest post section that shows large thumbnails. The excerpt is used to display posts on home and archive pages. You will see “Read more” link that draws straight to the single post screen. The bottom of recent post area shows a pagination bar linking to previous pages.

Frontpage Featured Posts - MakeMoney Theme

Featured Coupons : MakeMoney WordPress Theme has additional deals listing page, but that is only visible when you visit the page manually. Therefore, bloggers can add deals feature section on homepage area so that visitors can easily check new offers from homepage. The home deals block will show few entries and then call to action button link to access full deals listing page.

Back To Top : It’s been said that long pages takes lots of time in scrolling process, especially while browsing news or large blog portals. With this issue in mind, HappyThemes has tried to offer a best solution that would draw user to the top area with just one click. If you check bottom corner, then it shows “Back To Top” button that scrolls to the top of the page with only one click. This link is visible all time everywhere in bottom area.

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HappyThemes Blogging / Coupon Theme Features :

Coupons MakeMoney is also known as the best Coupons WordPress Themes To Create Deal website. The custom post type and page template is available to insert and display deals in special page. The coupons listing template will give you space to display details bout your coupon store which can also be helpful to get SEO benefit.

If you open any single deals listing post then it shows “Show Coupon Button” with hidden mode. So, user only see coupon by clicking the button which opens affiliate link as reveals coupon to secure affiliate earning for marketers. Related coupons and deals are also displayed so that user can find extra super cools deals from same screen.

Deals Coupons - MakeMoney HappyThemes

Theme Options : The single theme options panel panel will give you ability to create and control website efficiently without coding skill. Just setup theme using demo contents and then you can use options page to make changes. The documentation will show you straight way to set color style, page layouts, logo, navigation system, advertisement banners and much more.

Advertisement Space : Content featuring website always implement some income source using advertisement programs. This theme offers in-built ad space by covering homepage, header and other widgetized areas. Therefore, you can always use best ad programs like Adsense, or affiliate campaigns to make extra income from website.

Advertisement Banner Space - MakeMoney Blog Theme

What Else We Loved ? – MakeMoney HappyThemes

Sticky Menu / Header : Just scroll down on the demo and you will see that primary navigation bar always stick to the top of the screen. This floating menu is excellent choice for bloggers wanting to implement best navigation system in their website. The header consist of extra space to insert secondary menu, social sharing links, search box and Ad banner next to logo.

Header Menus - MakeMoney HappyThemes

Blog Post Options : As soon as yo open single post screen then you will be greeted with engaging elements. The blog articles will show you Related posts list, Sharing links, Author box, Comments area and Breadcrumb navigation point near title. These elements boost engaging rate with readers especially when they finish reading article.

Mots of the readers would leave website if they don’t find reason to keep browsing more. And bloggers can involve readers into some activities by showing featured posts in “Related Posts” block. Visitors can use comment box to leave message, or share good articles with social media sharing buttons. This is how you can take benefit of engaging features to increase page-views.

Social Sharing and Related Posts - MakeMoney Theme

Other Details : Like app premium WordPress blogging themes, MakeMoney also includes responsive design. This feature will make sure that user is able to check your website on every internet device. The custom widgets list will easily display many unique contents in footer and sidebar. The widgets will show most popular posts, categories, Ad banners, author details, contacts, newsletter signup box and more.

If you have been planning to develop deals and promo blog website then we suggest this as best solution.

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