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NewsBlock is a premium WordPress theme suitable to start news, blog or magazine style websites. This theme is introduced by HappyThemes which is best WordPress theme shop to buy journal style templates. If you are starting out for the first time and confused about buying best blogging theme then your search is over. This theme comes in free and premium modes. We always suggest premium package as it has lots of features required for content sharing, advertisements and styling.

NewsBlock HappyThemes - Blog WordPress Theme

The free version has only basic options which won’t help you for long run, but if you don’t have any budget then we suggest free version. The theme is developed with new coding practice and latest web design standard. So, you will have complete web template that covers modern blog features and easy options panel.

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Why NewsBlock WordPress Theme Is Best ?

Advertisement Areas : If you check out demo then you will find seamless ad-slots included within featured grid, header, and among all contents. The advertisement listing options will help you boost number of affiliate sales lead and adsense revenue. Ad widget is also available to display banners in footer and sidebar widget areas.

The header, footer and homepage (content area) are developed with custom ad-slots. Therefore, you will be making good revenue by showing banners from different ad programs.

Featured Post and Ad Banners - NewsBlock HappyThemes

Grid Layout : The listing pages are equipped with 3 columns content section with featured grid section. NewsBlock Homepage, archive and categories listing page uses same layout so that visitors can see lots of entries in one page. You will be able to use sidebar for single posts and other pages as required. The grid style 3 columns will look fine everywhere with all devices, and grid size will be automatically reduced on small screen.

Featured Post : The post entries offers excerpt support and thumbnails option. Therefore, listing pages will display latest posts with unique title, thumbnail and taxonomies detail. Hovering mouse pointer on featured post entries will highlight social media sharing links. The numbered pagination links will take user to different pages just with a few clicks.

Revenue Magazine Theme : HappyThemes

Other Benefits : HappyThemes Blog Theme

Single Blog Post : When you publish more posts on blog platform then you automatically get attention from search engines. As a result, you can tap many visitors to check your articles and categories. But the game doesn’t end here, you have to create engaging blog posts to keep visitors on your site for long-time. And that’s possible when you create unique and information articles with media contents.

NewsBlock WordPress theme gives you extra elements that would be visible with all blog posts. The list includes optional elements : e.g. Author box, Social sharing buttons, Related posts and Breadcrumb navigation bar. These are the elements which shows featured post entries in related area, and writer’s detail in author block.

Blog Post Options - NewsBlock Theme

Header and Navigation : The header has wide space so that bloggers can share logo on the top, navigation menu in middle and big advertisement banner in bottom side. The floating menu style is optional and it becomes useful when you want to display menu links all the time on the top of the website.

The navigation menu also highlights search box icon so which is linked to search system to help visitors find contents. The ad-banner placed in header is likely to get all visitor’s attention from all areas. So, marketers can sell header banner space in high price, or use this banner spot to get many clicks.

Header Navigation - NewsBlock Theme

Responsive : HappyThemes WordPress themes are rated as the best responsive blogging theme. Because they easily adjust to the view port at destination screen ans resize everything as required. The menu, grid section, images, and all stuff is resized to fit on user’s internet device. Besides that, you will get same browsing experience and loading speed that you see in desktop devices

NewsBlock HappyThemes : Useful Blog Features

Theme Options : It’s not possible to hire expensive programmer for setup and regular customization needs. Therefore, bloggers and professional content marketers use WordPress CMS. This WordPress theme has options panel with visual controls for styling so that you can set best font style, color skin and background as required.

The options page let’s you control homepage layout, grid size, sidebar, footer, single post elements, navigation and everything.

Widget Areas : With 2 common widget areas, you can promote all your top blog articles, banners, categories, and social links. The footer and sidebar are both easily manageable from widget management section. Bloggers can place widgets in any order with drag and drop method which needs only a few moments to arrange widgets.

Back To Top Button and Widgets - NewsBlock

Back To Top : NewsBlock WordPress theme has been rated as the best blog template with powerful navigation system. The header floating navigation improves the browsing speed by offering dedicated visibility on the top area. But, footer is also there to give you “Back To Top” link button which scroll user to the top area in just single click.

Other best features includes translation options, demo files, documentation, free updates, best support and more. I suggest this WordPress theme to start blog or any content sharing website.

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