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Introducing SociallyViral by Mythemeshop : One of the top popular Viral WordPress Blog Theme in the market. This theme delivers a totally revised look for new age blogs that includes options to share contents on social sites everywhere.

Whether you check featured posts, or full articles it shows social share buttons for all platforms. If you have been searching for final solution for marketing need, blog or magazine sites the this is going to be your best choice.

Viral Theme Review : MyThemeShop

SociallyViral Review Demo - MyThemeShop Viral WordPress BlogTheme

Mythemeshop SociallyViral Theme : Features Review

As we are going to write brief review we must begin from homepage. There are 2 homepage layout style given that includes a full-width and sidebar layout. If you choose full-width homepage then you can display all latest posts with 3 columns. And if you decide to enable homepage slider layout then you will have 2 columns for featured post entries and one sidebar for widgets.

The frontpage will always show latest blog articles as per your choice. So you can decide to display big featured thumbnails, excerpt, title and other mega information as required. Because homepage just shows title and thumbnails, your visitors can easily check lots of article preview. And then reader can click on any featured article to access full post.

SociallyViral Frontpage Layout Options

Apart from that, SociallyViral homepage provides two options elements including featured category and slider. If you choose to present top popular stories in unique style then homepage slider should be enabled. You just click one button from options panel and it will enable slider easily. Slider setting let’s you display every post from selected category. And you can also define number of posts, and other settings for homepage slideshow.

The homepage shows latest posts so user can see only recent posts and old articles gets pushed on preview pages. But, you can still decide to present latest articles on homepage with custom category section. Homepage allows you to add category sections (one or more) which shows latest articles for that particular category area. This is really important for magazine and marketing type journal websites.

SociallyViral Featured Posts

Main Features : SociallyViral WordPress Theme

Header Design : Mythemeshop is integrated with best header that supports custom background and other styling options. Hence, you can choose to keep plain solid header or use extra image to tune up background. The header consist of navigation menu that looks bold with large size. If you love to use MegaMenu then there is a support available for MegaMenu plugin.

Once menu bar is setup then you can show it in floating mode that is visible when scrolling. The top header part shows the logo on left, search box in middle and social profile link icons on the right. So you can be sure that visitors can connect to top blog categories, main pages, and social links.

Header and Menu Options - SociallyViral

Ad Settings : The blog platform is always used to spread contents and get more readers. That’s why, SociallyViral theme comes with advanced options that will not only increase readers but also boost revenue. With built-in Ad options panel, there will be great flexibility to insert ads within site. The top 3 ad spots includes header Ad, Below post title and Below post content.

So there will a great flexibility for bloggers to display banners on single posts and every where on the site. The header banner, sidebar and footer ads are always visible from all places on the site. So yo can use banner widgets and built-in ad spots in which ever way you like.

Ad Settings - SociallyViral

Mythemeshop Panel : Every WordPress theme that is resale by this developer comes with special options panel. So you need no big skills or plugins support for all basic and important tasks. The options panel is one place from where you can decide homepage layout, navigation, background style etc. Also you can change font style, color skins, pagination, single post and other elements.

SociallyViral Mythemeshop Options Panel

Benefits : SociallyViral Mythemeshop

Single Post : As soon as you access full article then you will see that single post is also optimized with many features. Once you start posting articles then you will see that it shows social sharing buttons, Banner, and Next / Previous links on top and bottom. So user can always jump over the other articles, or share articles or might click banner ads. Mostly these elements are only displayed below post but this theme shows it on top and bottom area.

Apart from that, it has optional “Related Posts” section to highlight many other blog posts below articles. So reader will never feel like to close your site as he will see featured posts from same category area. The author box and threaded comments sections are located below related posts section. This is most engaging blog template that offers improved layout for all sections.

Single Post - SociallyViral Mythemeshop

Other Details : The pagination has manual and auto loading options so there are total 4 choices in pagination list. If you want to use Ajax auto loading style like SociallyViral demo then you should choose that one. Because ajax auto loading can improve browsing speed and and it doesn’t refresh website to load contents.

There are extra options available to improve website loading speed, background style, and readability. Mythemeshop has custom widgets list that will improve footer and sidebar sections. The widgets are helpful to promote featured posts, latest stories, categories, social links, newsletter box and author profile. This is a best socially optimized viral WordPress theme for bloggers and all kind of content marketing sites.

Pagination - SociallyViral

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