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I am happy to introduce you with WP Quiz review that is a best WordPress quiz plugin from Mythemeshop. This plugin takes care of lots of need like getting people’s opinion, conducting online test and collection email for list buildings. The options panel controls everything like quiz listings, layout selection, and user data statistics.

WP Quiz PRO Review - Mythemeshop Pligins for Quiz Sites

Most of the bloggers, product sellers and institutes love this theme for it’s flexibility. You can select feature as needed and keep rest of them disabled.

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WP Quiz Review – WordPress Assessment Plugin :

Quick Posting : You just have to work with built-in editor to post different types of quiz. The listing page offers various settings to post questions based on selected quiz types. New users are asked to sign-up for an account and fill out profile details. The quiz types page consist of many options so you can choose Swiper, Trivia , Personality, Flip, Facebook, List Quiz etc. Site owners can enable these quiz types or disable them as needed.

The way it shows contents with 40+ Animation effects makes everything more engaging. You no longer have to use those boring texts to conduct surveys or online exams. Just use photos, videos, different types of answers and unique color styles to impress users. Free version offers very limited options but premium version includes everything.

Quiz Layout Preview - WP Quiz

Colleges and institutes can also define countdown timer for certain types of exams. There are options to provide hint for answers to help students get clue about questions. WP Quiz is developed after checking all big sites to include those features in single affordable product package.

Unique Features : Some companies try to get consumer opinion before making changes in their services or products. This is where Voting button will help you get people’s opinion about your future decisions. You can also apply custom featured image to display results on Facebook page.

Custom Facebook Results

Regarding results revelation, you can show results directly through pop-up, or ask user to do certain activities. For e.g. some people ask visitors to pay money to check results of certain opinion poll, or subscribe to email list. You can also define custom link where user is diverted after checking results.

Things We Liked In WP Quiz Mythemeshop :

Options page has settings to define currency and payment gateways (Stripe / PayPal) to sell quiz or study results from website. You can also randomize questions and answers so that user never face same test pattern every time for same quiz. The system can easily track user by IP address and cookies settings to manage certain tasks. It just takes only one click to restart the quiz for user.

Show Results Popup - WP Quiz WordPress Plugin for Quizzes

Many thanks to shortcodes that allows bloggers to place quiz anywhere within blog posts, reviews or pages. Administrators can provide special embed code to insert quiz within external websites or forums. Quiz answers can include anything from images, texts and other elements. That means, modern businesses and marketers can also conduct study without compromising with user experience.

User is always asked to provide all details and create new account to check results. Hence, those details can help marketers to find user with certain interests and marketers can easily promote products to relevant people. For e.g. You have conducted study on washing machine features and sell that data to manufacturer then it can earn you big money to reveal study results.

Simple Quiz Interface - WP Quiz Mythemeshop

WP Quiz plugin is developed with novice people who are not familiar with coding. The options panel, and setup process never requires programming or any hard work. Simple user interface makes everything easier to manage quiz postings and visitors can also enjoy browsing website contents. The responsive support will help user participate from mobiles or all other devices.

What We Loved ? – Best Quiz Plugin by Mythemeshop

Working with advanced panel delivers everything including ready visual options, layouts support, color options and more. You can find a custom option for every small or big task. The setup guide, documentation and support makes it really easier to start quiz site on your own. You will see modern and traditional skins so it never need design skills or past experience to launch professional quiz site.

Best Options - WP Quiz Plugin

There is no need to buy another theme for existing quiz platform. Just configure this plugin with your business site, blog, forum, QA site or education portal. We have seen people searching for different plugins for exam, assessment, and simple quiz test. When you can already find all the options in WP Quiz WordPress plugin then why to go elsewhere ?

What impressed me a lot is the support for list building plugins. You can configure GetResponse, Aweber and MailChimp to directly add subscribers email to your list builder. The back-end area will show leads and performance of all quiz studies to deliver results about what people likes on your site.

List Building Support - WP Quiz Review

You can also earn great revenue by showing content related ads between questions. Just get approval for Google Adsense or some niche related affiliate program or display sponsored banners. It helps you insert Open Graph schema for quiz results so that it easily shows everything easily on social media sites.

Other best features are Google Analytics Integration, Option to reload page after playing Nth question, and Translation support.

Show Ads With Questions - WP Quiz

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