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Personal is a best premium WordPress blog theme for popular personalities. Mythemeshop has developed it for people who need their own internet space to share journals, video tutorials, photo gallery and unique ideas. It is a blogging theme with advanced features for blog page, listing options, styling and other benefits. If you need a monetized blog with modern layout then you must try this blogging theme for WordPress.

Personal - WordPress Theme for Personal Blogging from Mythemeshop

We have tested live demo against product features and it shows amazing speed. The search engine optimized page layout, Schema support, and Review plugin support makes it right solution for all bloggers. We Suggest it for product review site, general blogging and all content promotion needs.

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Details Of Personal WordPress Theme :

Featured Slider : Highlight top blog stories, reviews and news updates with full-width slider available for homepage. The slider shows images covering full background for header area. You can promote any post or category with slideshow to get visitor’s attention. The home slider provides custom speed options, automatic navigation, manual navigation and more. Each slide will get options to select featured image, custom title, and other details.

Featured Slider - Personal

Suitable For Blogs : Having been supported by a unique layout, this WordPress template is suitable for private websites needs. You can use it to promote any niche like Travel, Beauty, Health, Entertainment etc. It shows featured images with single post, featured posts, slider and everywhere. The bold fonts, lots of spacing, and header layout makes it perfect blogging theme for any purpose.

Suitable For Blog - Personal Theme

Custom Header : Mythemeshop Personal WP theme has clean space to display navigation menu and logo. Bloggers will find off-canvas button menu that is perfect for handy devices. 2 layouts have been assigned to provide opportunity to choose variation for navigation and other elements.

This SEO optimized WordPress blogging theme maintains greater speed even when you choose lots of contents for pages. The speed, advanced performance settings and flexible design makes is top blogging theme for WordPress.

Custom Header - Personal

Mythemeshop Blogging Theme Review :

Blog Layouts : Developers have introduced 4 custom blog layouts to cover all modern blogging features. You can choose page with sidebar, full-width style, list or grid style. Visitors can see lots of blog stories when you display featured posts on listing page. If bloggers enables sidebar then readers will see recent posts, banners, email sign-up section and other stuff from blog section.

Bloggers are able to switch between layouts any time without editing any code. The 4 pagination options provide easy way to check many posts with Ajax or Manual methods. You can try and choose any pagination button, auto content loading style and other options.

Blog Layouts - Personal Mythemeshop

Single Post : We have seen blogs replaying on lots of plugin for each functionality. But, Personal WordPress theme has built-in options so you never have to use plugins for important tasks. Every article shows full-width featured image with title on the top area. Bloggers will see options to display social sharing buttons to grow sharing and readers.

Related posts section has many variations to show posts with featured image, title, and other ways. The Next/Previous section promotes a flexible navigation system to jump on other posts with In-Post navigation feature. Other single post elements are author section, and comments option that keeps user engaged with articles.

Blog Post Options - Personal WordPress Theme

Marketing people loves MyThemeShop as they find 14 amazing widgets collection. These widgets are focused to display Featured post entries, Recent comments, Social links, Tags, Search box and Recent posts on sidebar. The footer and sidebar works in combination to promote selected widgets.

Personal Theme Final Words :

Footer Elements : I would like to draw your attention to Subscription Box and Social & Nav Section visible on footer. The demo shows these elements clearly and proves how marketers can take benefit of those features to increase readers. Back to Top buttons follows all time when reader is scrolling on the page to top or bottom side.

Footer Subscription Box and Social Nav Bar - Personal

Advanced Options : Bloggers should only put efforts to publish new contents to increase readers. That’s why, MyThemeShop has introduced a visual options panel within back-end side. Each tab shows bunch of options to setup respective elements. It simplifies homepage, slider, header, blog section, colors, fonts, background, banners and everything.

No coding is required to setup, backup or restore website settings. The ready options shows choices for every select element, so all you need is mouse to control entire site.

Ads Banner Listing - Personal Adsense Theme

Other Benefits : Most of the adsense blogging themes use extra plugins for Ad listings. You will see an Ad section to insert multiple banners for single post. Widget areas are utilized to place extra banners to increase Ad revenue. Thanks to Fluid Responsive design for offering compatibility over all small touch screen devices. Every page content gets adjusted to screen size while browsing archive page, slider, single page, or navigation menu.

The Gutenberg integration provides access to new visual editor and Elementor support creates custom pagse. This is highly advanced and creative blogging theme for all types of blogs.

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