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ShipMe by SiteMile s a WordPress shipping theme, best solution to launch transporters or deliveries marketplace websites. This premium WP theme is released for shipping and logistics companies who provides service to move goods from one place to another. The features covers everything from listing post types support to payment and membership options. Apart from that, it supports many popular 3rd party plugins which can extend functionality one step further.

ShipMe Shipping WordPress Theme - SiteMile

You will see documentation with setup guides and get support for Page builder plugin to create custom pages. Important page templates are included to control registration process, sign-in and blogging needs. This is excellent WordPress theme to start shipping company or logistics website.

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Main Features : ShipMe WordPress Theme

Custom Post Type : Sitemile use custom post types feature with every application theme to simplify the listing process. You will have access to shipment listing module which shows you ready form with necessary fields. So, user can just list all the shipping requirements by filling the given fields and find the best shipment service provider from within the website.

The default fields list serve with any shipping service provider website, but there are custom custom fields management options available. Hence, website owners can add or move fields from listings or rename fields also.

ShipMe - Listing Post Type

Single Jobs Listings Page : SiteMile ShipMe WP theme serves you with nice single post design that would show all listings in proper style. Once you have listed the job then it will show location map, job location / destination GEO coordinates detail, distance, start time / end time, photo gallery and more. User can also find price and a button to apply for the job.

Job posting can show fixed price or use bidding module to find the best deals from shipment companies. The purpose for releasing this website was to connect shipment job providers and service providers. So people would just come to your site to list their needs and logistics companies can come and bid with the best offer price.

ShipMe Single Listing Preview - SiteMile

So website owners can earn revenue from listing fees as middle man. You can only earn revenue when you have lots of users and that is only possible when your website have advanced features to serve as a shipment job listing portal.

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Benefits : SiteMile Shipping Template

Private Messaging : Once shipment company has been selected for the job then both parties can talk to each other with private messaging system. This message system can exchange the text about conditions, special requirements or anything that needs advance clarification about the task. User always get email notification about new proposals, private message, and other activities in account section.

Membership Sections : This feature serves as the earning system which decides how user will pay for listings. For e.g. you can define premium shipping packages so that people can come to your website for listing and pay fees as per selected package. The pricing settings page allows you to choose price module like how much you want to charge for each single listing and percentage share you want to take from successful deal.

ShipMe - Payment Options

Along with that, administrator can define base currency and payment gateways for easy online payment processing. PayPal adaptive system, Skrill and all big payment options are supported by ShipMe WordPress theme. Different currencies support is provided to choose any local or international currency for the website. Please check the product page to see all support payment and currency options.

Rating and Feedback : Both users can provide rating for services or behavior so that future clients can view rating before selecting the job provider or shipment provider. The star rating system counts average from every vote and shows the total on user profile page. The feedback system gives you text box to add reviews about your experience or opinion about service.

ShipMe WordPress Theme Final Thought :

Easy Options Panel : You will never go back to traditional coding work to setup any part of the website. SiteMile has used it’s high expertise to give you visual options panel within back-end. This is where you can access different tabs to manage homepage, currency, membership, payments, reviews, orders and everything.

Administrator can run their own Logistic service listing website without hiring programmer. If you want to make passive income by starting shipment listing websites then this is right time and best product. The product package guarantees support, future updates and everything required to run website smoothly.

ShipMe Options Panel

Homepage and Widgets : Check the structure of homepage and guess how much time and skills does it need ?. Well, only a few minutes and basic WordPress knowledge, because everything works with visual options. You don’t need to learn coding to customize homepage sections, header navigation area, background style, page layouts or anything.

Thanks to footer and sidebar widgets which covers free space to promote latest jobs, recent posts, categories, banners, contacts, social links and other links.

ShipMe - Homepage and Footer Widgets

Responsive : This feature is required with all websites from small blogs to big business portals. The responsive design makes it work over smart phone devices with small screen or different screen sizes. Sitemile WordPress themes are fully responsive so you can manage to access websites smoothly. We are impressed at the page load speed, Search engine powered layout and flexible options panel.

This is best WordPress theme for any one who needs listing website for shipping jobs. Once you define rules for payments, membership and other tasks then people can come to your site to list jobs and shipping companies will bid to catch the deals. At the same time, you will be earning good money while doing nothing more than providing a middle platform for job providers and goods delivery service provider companies.

ShipMe Responsive Logistic Theme

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