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Meet Atmosphere Pro : Very professional looking genesis WordPress theme for corporate firms and various business types. It is a product of StudioPress and developed to work under Genesis Framework. The theme delivers a customizable homepage, blog section, landing page and more. You will find custom widgets support, multiple navigation options and theme options to control everything.

Atmosphere Pro Review StudioPress - Genesis Business WordPress Theme

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Atmosphere Pro Review : Frontpage Widgets

We have rated this WordPress theme as best solution for business and marketing websites. The demo clearly shows that it has a highly flexible frontpage layout that covers 4 widget blocks with lots of space. You will find no sidebar for the entire site but there is a footer available to place single widget. What we love about homepage is the wide widgetized layout that occupies entire width to display content in big size.

Homepage Widget - Atmosphere Pro Review

4 Widget Areas : Atmosphere frontpage is populated to display everything using widget sections. All you have to do is just make strategy on how and what to display in which section. Then, drag and drop necessary widgets into respective widget areas. The widgets will provide you with custom options to enter title, details, featured images and other stuff which depends on the widget type.

The first and top home widget section is used for introduction with background slider. You can fill it with custom title, description, link or other stuff. Front Page 1 widget area permits you to add upto 3 background images. If you use single image then it will be visible in static mode and if you use 3 images then it will show them all in rotating mode like image slideshow.

Homepage Sections - Atmosphere Pro

Rest of the home widget sections are established with Text widget, Featured Page widgets. Business owners can insert more than one widgets in every widget block so there is no restriction on that. The theme will automatically display widget in automatic grid style that depends on number of widgets used for each section. In-short, you can easily promote product types, services, price details, contacts, bog posts and all stuff within frontpage.

Business Features Review : Genesis Business Template

Landing Page Template : This is one of the page that is covered by page templates list. The Atmosphere Pro WordPress theme is delivered with the default set of pages and one of them is landing page. This template shows no header, footer or sidebar and it just shows contents in body area. Mostly, this is ideal to create product marketing pages, events etc.

Blog Page : The blog template is another best place that is used by business especially for marketing. Blog can be a versatile content featuring platform to share product information, tutorials, product awareness, new updates details, offers and more. Blog page shows all the post entries with nice featured images with full mode or excerpt style.

The single blog post screen provides “After Entry” widget space on the bottom side. So, blog readers can view author details as well as custom widget content that you would add in “After Entry” area. This widget section shows anything like Banners, Social media links, Call to actions, Email signup form etc. As I said that this genesis business theme has no sidebar so blog section will also remain without widgets.

Blog Landing Page - Atmosphere Pro for Business

But, after entry widget can still meet all your needs when you want to promote something along with articles.

Responsive : StudioPress has always developed top quality WordPress themes with modern users in mind. And one of those modern features is mobile ready layout for all internet users. If you create website with this theme then your site will be seen equally on all screen sizes. The header navigation menu, frontpage widget blocks, blog posts and all stuff will look good on mobiles.

Atmosphere Pro StudioPress : Other Benefits

Theme Customizer : If you are creating website for big company or small service provider agency then you will be all right to go with Atmosphere Pro. It doesn’t fail to work for any website need, you can try it to create personal site, marketing portal or general business website. Thanks to the flexible customizer options page which has everything required for website setup.

Theme options and Genesis settings page will give you blog settings, page layouts, font selector, color skin settings and more. You can perform all these tasks without coding work and just with a few clicks.

Custom Header : The header has a clean layout and full-width space to share all the top page links and logo. The floating header sticks to the top side all the time while user is scrolling. Hence, menu system is always visible so that user can access blog page, homepage, services page, and other page links. You can insert any page links on header navigation from menu customization page.

Header Menu and Footer Widget Area - Atmosphere Pro StudioPress

Footer 1 Widget : This single widget block covers entire footer width space and therefore must use it carefully. The demo shows a call to action style email sign-up link, but you can use it to promote anything. Many business people use footer to place contact page link, or they display phone numbers, call to action or contact form.

The footer section covers one optional navigation menu and business marketers can use it to share additional links. I suggest this genesis child business theme to start light fast loading and SEO friendly website.

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