Design Palette Pro : Best Genesis Child Themes Customization Plugin

Design Palette Pro is a premium WordPress plugin by StudioPress which makes Customizing Genesis themes easier than ever. No coding work is required while using theme WP plugin to customize genesis child templates. Currently many genesis themes are supported by this plugin, but we still suggest you to check product page for latest updates.

This product has only one goal and that is to give you full control of your website customization with no programming skill.

Design Palette Pro Demo - StudioPress

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Why Design Palette Pro Plugin Is Best ?

This WordPress plugin is coded by Andrew Norcross to make genesis themes customization process easier than anything else. It makes you free from the hassle of code editing needs especially for big styling changes. Genesis options page and child themes definitely gives you many features for fonts, colors, background and styling customization. But there are business organizations and marketers out there who need high level of customization freedom.

Design Palette Pro General Options

This is where Design Palette Pro theme comes into play to rescue you from hiring costly programmers. The point and click customization options will change the way how you edit your business or personal sites. The plugin has been developed with visual options board that shows you set of tabs to access various features. The main tabs list includes General body, Header area, Navigation, Front widgets, Content Area, Sidebar, Footer widgets, Settings and many other tabs.

Child Theme Add-Ons Support - Design Palette Pro

These tabs will cover all your needs to edit logo size, header background, content section background, widget sections and more. You will see color selector tool, fonts selector, background selector, and many options. This customization board will help you set a nice font style, color skin and logo image that match to your brand.

Top Benefits : Genesis Themes Customization Plugin:

Secure Customization : The Design Palette Pro theme automatically generate a custom CSS file to save the code for all changes. That means, it will not replace your theme code or style in main child theme. The custom CSS file will overwrite current theme changes through remote CSS file so won’t risk loosing any of your default theme layouts.

Layout Previews : Administrators can easily toggle between layout previews right from the theme customizer section. Hence, you can check out how your site would look on mobile, tablet or desktop device. This feature will help you develop best version of your site for handy and all other modern devices. If your content fails to load properly on tablets and phones then you risk loosing valuable visitors.

But this feature will show you a real preview for any selected device, so website owners can be confident enough to serve all device types.

Preview Settings - Design Palette Pro

Free Extensions : This premium genesis WP customizer plugin comes with free extensions support. Hence, you will be able to perform customizations without coding skill. The theme currently supports, Google Webfonts, Freestyle CSS, Entry Content Style, CSS Export, Genesis e-News Widget and more. You will find tutorials on internet to learn customization for all these extensions.

What Else We Loved In Design Palette Pro ?

Dedicated Support : You don’t have to go through forums or help desk to get solution for customization troubles or any technical issues. The plugin options board will show you “Support” tab on bottom area. This is the window where you can find a contact form to send your message and queries.

Design Palette Pro will not ask you to provide account or any other details. Since, every ticket is generated through support widget which automatically delivers all user related details to the support team.

Help and Support - Design Palette Pro

Real Time Preview : We liked this genesis WP customizer tool for it’s ability to display real time preview without re-loading the website again repeatedly. You an also add URL of your website in “Preview URL” box and see that page or section live all the time. As a result, you will feel more confident while doing customization and see the effects instantly for colors, fonts and any changes that are made from options page.

Genesis Framework provides many but still limited options which can customize website look. So, only programmers and professional coders can make most of the big styling and customization changes. So, for non-coders and busy programmers, this is best WordPress plugin for visual customization.

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