Outfitter Pro : StudioPress eCommerce Genesis WordPress Theme

Outfitter Pro s a best mobile optimized eCommerce WordPress theme that functions on the core of Genesis Framework. This is latest shop theme by Studiopress theme which serves you with many advanced features and one of them is WooCommerce styling support. I hope, you must have got idea that this theme uses free eCommerce plugin which is popular and used by most of the online goods stores.

Outfitter Pro Theme by StudioPress - Genesis eCommerce Theme

Once you install child theme, framework and WooCommerce plugin then you can move ahead to setup your website with widgets and ready options. So it won’t really take much time to create shop page, cart section, homepage and all important pages. You will be free to setup additional pages like Blog, Contact, About or whatever is required.

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Creating Stunning Homepage With Outfitter Pro :

Widget Foundation : The product page says that it has 4 widget areas to meet all your dreams for developing perfect homepage. If you really believe in first impression is last impression slogan then you must concentrate to develop clean, product focused and engaging homepage. Whether you get organic visitors from search engines or target new shoppers from Ad programs, homepage is always going to be most visited section.

Therefore, StudioPress genesis child theme developers though to provide flexible design. Hence, you think of showing a welcome message, or store introduction on the top of page. Outfitter Pro WordPress theme demo shows multiple grid sections on homepage. This is masonry grid which uses dynamic thumbnail to display all featured product entries.

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Homepage Widget - Outfitter Pro Genesis Theme

You will learn from documentation guide on how to setup a homepage that shows products from selected categories like demo. Apart from product grid sections, there is a good place on bottom area to show-off some blog posts. These entries are fetched from blog page and it is shown using multiple columns so user can read couple of fresh news.

Having blog post highlight on main page can make visitors aware of latest articles released for special offers, discount and fresh stock arrival news. This is show you can setup homepage with custom widgets and customizer panel. It really needs no coding or any extra design work to create this type of homepage. Apart from what is shown in demo, you can think of showing calls to action, contacts, store category link, featured page links and more.

Header Options and Unique Cart Button :

Outfitter header is going to be a connection for entire site which helps shoppers to access shopping cart, check out page, shop page and other sections. But for that, you have to follow the same header concept that is visible in demo screen. The left part shows store logo which could be any special image or text if you don’t have logo.

Header Cart Button and Overlay Menus

The right portion shows 4 elements that includes Shop page link from where user can access links for Account, Cart and Check out section. The second icon shows cart page link which highlights total items available in cart section. clicking on cart button loads a light-box section without page refresh. Loading cart on screen shows all items added in cart by shopper. This cart section let’s you delete items or you can navigate to checkout page from there.

Full-Screen Overlay Menu : Header main navigation shows a button with 3 dots icon. Your visitors can click on there to view all links available under primary menu. The menu will show full-screen overlay covering entire screen with menu links in middle and close button on top right.

Ajax aCart nd Fullscreen Overlay Screen - Outfitter Genesis theme

Responsive Shop : The menu, home grid, shop products and every element will adapt to user’s screen. This is because of modern responsive design automatically checks and resize contents and everything. So user can easily access menu links, images, videos, cart and every page. Modern user’s prefer tablet, and mobile over desktop devices for shopping and product browsing. So responsive shops can get better traffic and leads compare to non responsive websites.

WooCommerce Features Overview :

The Outfitter Pro WordPress theme comes integrated with WooCommerce styling. So you are going to get easy way to create a professional looking online shop. You can probably sell all types of goods like cloths, books, or anything that comes in mind. The WooCommerce offers all core features required to manage cart, payments, and product listing.

Shop Page Sort Options - Outfitter Pro WooCommerce Theme

Just open shop page which shows a sort list on top right so user can view items as per desired preference. Sort list helps you to view items by popularity, newness, price (low or high) etc. This option will not only save time but also help user browse desired items in shortest possible time. It can have great impact on leads ratio.

If you move mouse on products then you will see item name, price, cart button etc. By default, product grid only shows items with thumbnails with no details, so user can see product photos in clear way. The single product listing page shows all item details with gallery box, and that’s that shows description and reviews. “Related Posts” are also visible below all product posts.

Product Page - Outfitter Pro eCommerce Theme

Conclusion : Genesis eCommerce Theme

Customizer Options : Outfitter Pro is last but important part of our review, The theme options panel combines options to control colors, fonts, widgets and layouts. The genesis settings page covers blog, layouts and basic options too. You can manage widgets from widgets pace and also move them in desired order. This is show a novice user can also start shop or online goods selling junction with basic WordPress skills.

We suggest checking out demo and see how it proves for your need. This is best product focused WordPress genesis child theme we have seen in this year.

Beautiful Blog : You must check out blog page from demo because it contains big featured images for every post that you add in blog. The blog looks quite attractive because it uses image as main point to attract user’s attention. So visitors are easily attracted to check out new offers, goods stock and festival seasons news.

Blog page with Featuerd Images - Outfitter Pro

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