Prosonal Themecountry – Best Premium Blog WordPress Theme

Prosonal is a best WordPress blogging Theme developed by Themecountry. Having been developed with light weight design, it loads at faster speed just like any professional news portal. The content focused design will always keep visitors busy reading and browsing stories.

If you are a blogger wanting to share travel, food, fashion or other information then here is best WP blogging theme for WordPress. Before reading further, we suggest loading demo (link given below article) to experience every feature your self.

Prosonal Themecountry - Best Premium Personal Blog WordPress Theme

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Why Prosonal WordPress Theme for Blogs ?

Slideshow : Prosonal WP theme homepage looks fine with large featured slider. Every slide that you add for slideshow looks awesome with big view port that shows navigation arrows. The slideshow keep running at fast or slow speed which depends on settings selected from options page. The slider will show selected posts from tags or top categories and it attracts most of the people coming to homepage.

Slider becomes great tool to promote top articles, special offers, or other elements that you want to promote to every home visitor.

Slideshow - Prosonal Themecountry

Unique Design : We have seen plenty of WordPress blog templates with modern features, but they all looks dull with this theme. If you check out the demo then it shows big typography for menu bar, widget headers, excerpt button and post titles. The rest of the typography also looks clean especially while browsing single posts. We liked the way it shows contents with good spacing, clean font style and colorful elements.

The demo file offers ready layout so that you can easily start a blog type website with same look.

Featured Post : Look at the homepage or achieve sections to see how it shows latest posts. Themecountry offers custom listing layout style to help bloggers display latest posts in full or excerpt featured mode. The excerpt view includes paragraph with big bold “Read more” button to view full post. Right below that, you will find taxonomy bar showing author name, date, tags, comments count etc.

Featured Post - Prosonal Themecountry

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Themecountry Blog Theme Features :

Single Post : Prosonal theme was meant to work for all those bloggers who is searching for engaging WordPress themes. This theme delivers best single post options which are optional but they can give you lots of benefits. The social sharing options will add a point to display sharing buttons on the top as well as bottom of the posts. You can also display floating share box that is always visible when user is scrolling on the articles.

The post navigation feature shows next and previous articles link with colorful button. These links will show title so that user is enticed to click those button. The Related posts block is also available which is highly used feature by most of the bloggers. This feature will display featured post entries with thumbnails so that user can check more articles from the same screen.

Related Posts - Prosonal Themecountry

Ad Listing Options : Themecountry has build their own Ad management panel so that marketers and adsense bloggers can easily monetize their website. You can display banners in header, single post and other areas to get revenue from visitors. The sidebar and footer widget sections also help you promote advertisement banners using HTML widgets.

Custom Header : Let user check out every top level pages and categories from floating navigation. The header has large space to display big size logo and search box on right side. The primary menu is given on bottom area that appears with all custom links and drop-down list assigned to main menu.

Header - Prosonal Blogging Theme

Prosonal Themecountry : Top Benefits

Theme Options : Modern bloggers and content promoters always prefer to buy blogging themes with easy options panel. This theme options provides General settings, Homepage options, Header options, sidebar and social buttons. Authors can set typography, background, font color, logo and everything using built-in control panel.

3 Page Layouts : You can either have sidebar on right or left side to promote widget with posts and pages. There are certain pages where you need all space for content and that’s where you can choose full-width layout. You can select suitable layout for your blog platform with ready layouts list.

Post Layouts - Prosonal WP Theme

Responsive Design : Thanks to developers for creating responsive layout so that all users can browse blog posts. The mobile ready layout will display navigation system, single post and featured entries in proper way. There are custom widgets given for footer and sidebar which can promote latest posts, categories, social links and more.

Back to top link is always found on bottom side to bring visitors to the top of the site easily. If you are looking to create best blog platform with clean design and attractive content focused layout then forget all WordPress themes and try out this one.

Widgets and Back To Top Link - Prosonal Theme

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