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Tocial is a WordPress blog theme with masonry layout that loo like pinterest board. It is best WP blogging theme from Themecountry that combines all top level advanced blog features. The theme can turn your website into simple blog platform with single column listing page or you can assign multiple columns to clone the grid style layout like demo.

Tocial Themecountry - Blog WordPress Theme

The journal layout includes ad blocks, widget areas, page layouts and many other styling features within options panel. Please check out the demo and keep open while reading this review to learn about all features clearly.

Prosonal Review – Themecountry

Tocial WordPress Theme : Best Frontpage Design

Masonry Layout : Let your visitors enjoy viewing lots of blog post entries at once in just single page and browse even more with pagination. The column based grid layout is derived from Pinterest website which is best social media platform to share photos and media items. Themecountry has used the same concept to come up with fully featured blog layout that would show lots of featured posts using small or big grid in listing page.

Featured Masonry Layout - Tocial Themecountry

Header Layout : Mostly, all premium WordPress blog templates from this team comes with powerful navigation system. This theme also has a “Floating” layout that keeps the header on top so that user can check header menu links while scrolling over the pages and posts. The header left side shows logo image with extra tag-line which has been inserted from customizer.

The left lost of shows menu bar and right most side uses all space to display menu links. When you scroll on the single post then it will show Next and Previous posts entries on floating header, instead of regular header elements. This way, user can easily go onto other articles without going down at the end of the article.

Header Floating Style - Tocial Themecountry

Responsive : Tocial WP theme creates best blog environment so that readers can check your articles from tablet, and all small handy devices like mobile phones. If you test single post, or navigation bar then it will show you best resized preview even on smallest screen. Hence, user can save time and browse website faster from any devices.

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Top Blog Features : Themecountry Blog Theme

WP Post Types Support : Bloggers don’t have to struggle with one post type to share different media elements and fancy stuff like quotes, images, photos, videos etc. The theme has it’s own blog post types so that authors can go with suitable post format and start posting contents in best possible style. The post types save time required to embed video, list photo galleries or style fonts for quotes.

Single Post : Bloggers should always take benefit of advanced blog features provided for single post. You will have access to flexible layout where you can set left or right side as well as assign custom sidebar for any page. The single post can display Breadcrumb (SEO friendly link structure), Related posts (with thumbnails) etc. Moreover, there are additional elements like Next /Previous link section known as on-site navigation.

Related Posts - Tocial Single Post

Author Information box and comments sections are also there to serve every readers while browsing blog articles. These are some of the top blog post features that would boost page view rate with engaging look. If you check the area above pages and posts then it has a banner placed in live demo. Bloggers can insert adsense banner or any affiliate ad slot in this section that is given right below header.

Socially Optimized : Having been optimized for modern social media platforms, Tocial WordPress theme can display social sharing buttons within articles. There are custom widgets to display profile links for different social sites in footer, sidebar and any widget optimized areas.

Responsive Blogging Theme - Tocial Themecountry

What Else We Loved About Tocial Themecountry ?

Easy Options Panel : We have already checked how everything work in customization process. The docuementation helps you wit setup process by offering easy guides and demo sample files. You don’t have to edit coding to change the background, color style, fonts, website background, header and other areas. Just use the Theme options panel and easy controls to edit homepage layout, sidebar style, font style and header.

Custom Widgets : Having been powered by most advanced blog features, marketers and content writers will love built-in widgets. Just pick best widgets for footer and sidebar areas so that visitors can check featured category posts, latest posts, banners, social links, comments, tags, categories and other stuff. Widget areas won’t just simplify browsing but also creates possibilities to keep user on website for long time.

Tocial Custom Widgets - Themecountry

Back To Top : This floating link appear just below the screen on right bottom side. It is mostly provided with all the latest WordPress blogging themes for easy scrolling to the top area. Just one click from your mouse will bring you to the top of the site. Floating header and Back to top link both saves time while offering easy navigation.

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