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Meet Tagazine : A Best WordPress Theme for authors and writers who need online presence to share their journals. This is final solution to start Magazine &or Blog type website powered by Themecountry. It has been programmed with latest coding style so that you can get fastest loading website. Website speed and navigation both are important elements to get high SEO rank.

Tagazine - WordPress Magazine Theme by Themecountry

If your web-pages load smoothly within less time then visitors would love to browse more posts which can lead to get extra page-views and good adsense revenue. Let’s check out best feature with this review to see how it can fit your your magazine, news or blogging websites need.

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Setup Homepage Elements : Tagazine WP Theme

Slideshow : First section that we see on homepage demo is slider which is optional element and mostly used by journal websites. You can set it to display number of items defined in number box. The slider let’s you choose category to display content from that topic or you can use your own custom slider. Slider mainly comes with 2 options with one in full-width style and second one in small box style.

Custom Slideshow - Tagazine

Custom Home Blocks : The homepage is managed with custom section based layouts where you can choose one category for every block and define best style to display featured post entries. The post display style uses single column, 2 columns, 3 columns, big or small featured images. You can set many sections as you need with desired order and control them to show news from selected category or remove them any-time with single click.

Featured Post Style - Tagazine Frontpage

Responsive : Tagazine WordPress theme was released for the all people who uses tablet or some kind of modern internet devices. It flexible adaptive layout adjust to all view port sizes from landscape, portrait, micro size etc. If you load homepage in small screen then it reduces the number of columns and adjust according to width and height.

This feature can have good effect on browsing experience and may lead search engines to send you extra traffic.

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Why Magazine WordPress Theme by Themecountry ?

We suggest this WP blog template to all writers and marketers because we found lots of helpful features and settings for magazine and blog websites. You won’t miss any feature that is provided with any top selling premium magazine themes. The theme covers features for header, single post, style and fonts so that content publishers can take all control for content presentation and promotion.

Single Post : The single post settings page provides many small to big features which are important to create engaging post presentation for all the stories released on your news website. If we talk on big features then you are getting Related posts, Sharing options, and Post navigation support. Hence visitors will be able to see related posts based on selected taxonomy and style (thumbnails or plain text).

Blog Post - Tagazine

The sharing options let’s you select Pinterest, Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites. Other small but useful feature for single post are Author bio, Meta info box, Breadcrumbs etc.

Header Settings : Tagazine header is divided into two sections that covers top and general area. If you enable top bar then you can enable Top menu and Social navigation bar. The main menu appears in header bottom side with selected links. You can apply custom color style for background, and content borders for entire header. The header middle space shows custom logo, tag-line and banner if enabled from ad management page.

Header Menu - Tagazine News Theme

Tagazine Highly Useful Blogging Theme :

Ad Management : We all have seen most of the news sites, blog and magazine portals using advertisement programs to generate income. If you are using Adsense, Amazon, or any advertiser or affiliate program then you can earn income by showing ads in website. Once you get Ad code from advertiser then you can add it into ad code box and show ads in single post, homepage, header and other locations.

Single post can have 3 ad spots that includes top, middle and bottom area. Homepage and header are also highly useful ad spots to earn good revenue. Single page and archive page also get ad slots so that bloggers can display ads in all areas.

Theme Options : This premium magazine WordPress theme brings a nice control panel with simple visual options. You just have to click no particular tab to access settings for homepage, single post, advertisement, style, footer and all areas. Once you access a tab then you will see relevant options to choose font style, colors, ad slots, header elements, single post elements, homepage blocks, slider settings etc.

Theme Options - Tagazine

Many Features : Besides what we have discussed till now, administrators will see “Back To Top” button option, custom sidebar options and more. Hence, you can have separate sidebars for homepage, single post and other sections. The sidebar has widget space to promote latest articles, author bio, banners, categories and more. Footer also has extra menu option and widget space to promote useful stuff.

If you have been looking forward to start a content friendly and fast loading content sharing site then we suggest this one.

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