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Carmack is a versatile magazine WordPress theme by ThemeIsle. It works for any content marketing niche including music, entertainment, lifestyle, video games etc. Any website or blog that requires visually optimized magazine site will work with this template. The theme has unique featured contents and many blog post formats that allow authors to create best website.

Carmack Demo ThemeIsle - Modern WordPress Magazine Theme

Content promoters can use Adsense or Affiliate marketing programs using widgets and ad sections. If you check overall benefit then it provides best design suitable for modern SEO and monetization.

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Carmack WordPress Theme Features Review :

Content Slider : The top part on homepage is supported by a Featured slider with full-width size. Online magazines prefer slider to highlight top headlines or big news posts. The slider has optional auto scroll mode with navigation buttons to manually switch between slides. The big slider size can accommodate slides to promote posts with featured images, titles, and Read more link.

Carmack Slideshow

Featured Post : This section is second important part found on homepage. You have to manually enable it to display featured articles from top categories. Most of the magazine site use custom category blocks for homepage. When you promote articles using slider and featured section then visitors are likely to land on any one. Homepage should highlight best topics, top articles and recent posts which is a standard homepage layout used by most of the authority news blogging sites.

Carmack Homepage - Latest Featured Posts

Recent Posts : ThemeIsle Carmack works as a magazine as well as general blog website. If you only show posts from certain categories on homepage then it would not work well for latest contents. That’s the reason why most of the wise bloggers use “Latest Post” section for homepage. This design seems truly dynamic and capable to fit for any website including blog, magazine, news or affiliate marketing portals.

We liked the flexible design and custom homepage options that simplify the website launch process. You are going the see the same type of flexibility throughout the entire site. We will check rest of the features in next review phase.

ThemeIsle Adsense Blog Magazine Theme :

Header : Your competitors are going to loose the battle when it comes to impress visitors with navigation design and browsing experience. The header shows an additional menu bar on the top of the site. The logo and main menu is shown in button form attached with each other. The left top section shows square menu button that loads full-screen menu overlay screen.

Thanks to transparent header style that puts logo and menu link above the header slideshow while not conflicting each other’s visibility.

Carmack Header Menu

Footer Section : Carmack is a premium magazine theme powered by widgetized structure. The footer becomes first dedicated area to show any selected widget blocks site wide. There are 3 options for footer section so you can probably show your contacts, author intro, social links, or newsletter form. The sidebar becomes optional for entire site but it still brings many page-views, Ad clicks and social followers.

Most of the news and blog websites enable sidebar for archive, single post and homepage area. The sidebar looks right when it shows category list, call to action, and social profile links. The footer bottom here shows a dedicated space to display social links and Back To Top button.

Carmack Footer Bottom Widgets

Responsive : We have never spent extra time on browsing non responsive sites. Likewise, all modern internet users hate browsing non responsive sites from handy devices. This WordPress magazine theme is fully responsive with mobile ready menu and auto resizing page layouts. It easily shows slideshow, homepage featured posts, archive pages and single posts. This is going to be an attraction magnet to attract mobile and desktop users.

Carmack Responsive WordPress Blogging Theme

Why Carmack For Blogging Needs : ?

Easy Options : Modern content marketers and bloggers always choose website that provide easy customization support. This premium magazine template includes support for WordPress customizer panel. From header to home sections and styling side, everything is managed from one options page. The ready options controls are managed easily even when you don’t know coding work. The font style, background color and page layouts are also controlled with visual options.

Carmack Customization Options

Floating Title : Readers will be greeted by many single post features that will boost content browsing experience. Once you start scrolling down on blog post then it shows a top floating bar with homepage link and post title. The right side will display social media navigation in the same floating panel. That means, visitors can always read post title, and find homepage link for easy front page navigation.

All time visibility of social navigation bar promotes your social profile to invite more people to join your social pages.

Carmack Floating Post Preview

Single Post Bottom Area : Once you reach at bottom of the article then it will greet you with many options. The bottom part will show Next/Previous post links and Related posts list to browse other articles. The social sharing buttons will create a positive feeling to sharing good stuff with social media friends. At the same time, comments option will create a feeling of public discussion between readers and authors.

Carmack Jetpack Sharing and Related Post

The single post can show category, and tags link along with date, author name and other details. The light fast loading speed and best typography style improves the page loading and reading speed.

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