Didi Blog WordPress Theme : ThemeIsle Review

Introducing Didi WordPress theme that brings an elegant and truly content based blog layout for content experts. This ThemeIsle WP theme covers most of the parts that is required to get success in blogging and content marketing field.

Whether you are an adsense blogger, affiliate marketers or chic blogger, it is for all people. Because of clear background and truly bold typography options, it can easily catch visitor’s attention over contents.

Didi ThemeIsle Demo - Blogging Theme

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Didi ThemeIsle Frontpage Design Review :

For now, we will talk on the homepage layout that covers top to bottom body area. It will give you clear idea on how you can arrange featured posts, call to action, and other content widgets for clear call to action. The widgetized homepage layout opens wide opportunity for you to promote posts from selected categories and other stuff.

Page Content : Whatever page you assigned as homepage will work as a top content section for homepage. So, you can input introduction, author detail, call to action link or anything for home top area. This block will show paragraphs, photos, video, button and whatever you add into homepage editor. So it won’t just welcome visitors nicely but also provide brief detail about your journal website.

Page Content - Didi Theme

First Block : Didi WordPress theme has custom widgets that will give you option to add visually nice content blocks. The first frontpage section in demo shows a background with text hover effect. It is ideal to highlight custom category in featured style. This is also good place to share some big affiliate products or advertisement banner.

Right below that, you will see a “Promo Block” widget that shows a text line and button. This is also ideal when you need to add call to action style line with attention grabber button. You just have to configure the Promo Block widget with text, button and custom URL.

First Widget Block - Didi

Other Home Widget Sections : ThemeIsle Blog Theme

Homepage Second Block : The second block widget area Didi demo shows featured post entries. This section includes “Recent Posts widget” that shows newly released articles from any category. The widget allows you to use custom title, and you can also choose number of posts, category, and columns layout. The multiple columns layout can show 2,3 and more columns as per screen size.

This section shows another widget on bottom part to display a background image with button. The custom widget gives you fields to add heading, Image URL, Text, Button URL and custom button text. So, this widget is likely to create best promotion area for any page, banner, or anything.

Latest Blog Posts - Widget Didi

Third Block : The front page 2rd block also shows featured post entries using recent “Recent Posts Widget”. The ability to display posts in masonry grid style makes it perfect for modern blog platforms. The left sidebar will be enabled only if you add widgets in “Front Page Third Block widget” area. This was a brief introduction about homepage widget areas and you must have got clear idea on how to build this type of content focused homepage.

Front Page Third Block - Didi Theme

Other Benefits : The homepage area gives you ability to add slider or any custom widget section. You can use Soliloquy or any other slider widget plugin to add nice slideshow. Thanks to flexible homepage design which is prepared to feature anything. The theme customization needs no coding as you will be working with visual options panel and custom widgets.

Didi WordPress Theme Other Details :

Custom Blog Layouts : The blog and ever website section can be managed and setup from WordPress customizer. The blog layout options let’s you choose left or right sidebar position or full-width style too. You can also go for simple list view style or grid layout with upto 3 columns.

There are check box options available to show or hide Author name and date with all posts. You can also show Author Bio box below posts or keep it disable if not required.

Blog Options - Didi

Footer Area : Didi footer section has 3 widget areas and it is visible on all pages like header. You can have author box, recent posts, banner, email sign-up box and anything in there. WordPress customizer will show you options for logo, colors, header, background, menu and everything.

So you never need to use manual coding work for any customization work. You can even change homepage layout, or set blog as homepage or use any other page as homepage.

Header Area : Every part is covered by customizer panel so you can edit header section to show custom logo or image as text. The header can have plain background or you can also use custom image as background. The navigation bar includes primary menu section and social menu section. You can also display search box along with floating social menu on the left of the screen. so users can view it no matter where they are on the website.

Header Options - Didi Theme

Apart from homepage and blog, you can add many other custom page templates as required. This is best responsive WordPress blogging theme for any one who needs a content focused and SEO friendly blog platform.

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